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Will Texans Get A Property Tax Break Amid COVID-19?

derick james
Here is the big question all Texans have in mind; will I get a tax break in the midst of COVID 19? With COVID 19 affecting the real estate market, will there be a break in property taxes in Texas?
The sad truth is a BIG NO. Yes, you heard it right, it might sound bitter, but Texas property owners are likely not to see any tax break this year.
Here are two main reasons, the first reason being, your property values were set by the appraisal districts on January 1st before the deadly virus reached the pandemic stage.
Why So?
Second reason is the written opinion issued by the Texas Attorney General - Ken Paxton, where he stated any economic damage caused by COVID-19 does not qualify for a tax exemption.
Texans, it’s time to plan! If you are a property owner who is expecting to see a hike in the appraised value of your property, then it's high time you plan. Here is a simple plan for you.
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