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Why CARS Is Important For Business Success

derick james
Read on to know the importance of Commercial Assessment Reporting System for a successful business.
Appraisal software helps professionals to understand extremely about the markets and property values much quicker than ever before.
Commercial real estate assessment report writing software allows you to fully streamline the appraisal process.
It is connected to National data, which can automatically pre fill your appraisal forms with the property data, advanced AI algorithms which recommend comps and comparable maps so on.
The software applications out there today help appraisers pull market data, analyze comps, and generate different types of customized reports.
What you can do with CARS
  • 4 - minute commercial property evaluations
  • 40 - minute commercial narrative appraisals; and
  • 1 - appraiser can complete 800+ appraisals in one year.
Commercial Assessment Reporting System (CARS) can reduce report prep time by 80%+.
No third party data subscriptions are needed, data and comps are included within the applications.
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