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Ways To Keep Your Business Office Safe And Secure

Ensure protection of your assets and employees. Read here to find out how to best protect your business space!
Carol Evenson
To ensure the protection of your assets and employees, business owners need to take certain precautions to keep their property safe. Offices often contain a large assortment of valuable items such as cash, computer systems, legal documents and more.
Implementing an effective security plan can not only protect your office and workers from theft and threats, but it can also help to reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. All organizations are a little different, but below are some of the top ways any office can secure their building.

Install CCTV

Even though the videos recorded from security cameras are often used to solve crimes instead of preventing them, they are found to be a very significant deterrent to criminals. It should be realized, however, that CCTV should only be one of many security systems implemented around your office building.
When placing the cameras, ensure that the lighting is sufficient for clear images to be taken. For some businesses, it might be worth hiring a consultant or security company for help.

Monitored Alarm System

On top of your priority list should be a monitored alarm system. An alarm can be a great deterrent to thieves and will transmit signals via landlines, mobile phones or the internet to a monitoring station. Right away, emergency dispatch officials will send police to the scene once the alarm goes off.
Some systems offer advanced options including a two-way voice intercom. The business owner or a chosen employee will be able to speak with the monitoring station directly and have help sent right away.

Effective Lighting

Most break-ins occur during the evening or late night hours. This is because it is easier to get away with the crime when there is no daylight. Because of this, office buildings should ensure they have sufficient lighting in and around their property.
Burglars do not like a lot of light on a property because it makes them feel like they are being observed and vulnerable to getting caught. The most common type of commercial lighting businesses choose is passive infrared. This light system will only turn on if someone or something enters the field of vision. This is a cost-effective solution for lighting.

Use Laptop Locks

Laptops are a common target for thieves during burglaries. They can also be tempting for a passerby looking for an easy opportunity to steal something. To ensure your costly technology and the sensitive information contained inside stay safe and secure, consider using a laptop lock.
It is similar to a bike lock and is a metal cable set that connects your laptop to a non-movable object such as a table that is bolted to the floor. These locks are affordable, easy-to-use and reliable when it comes to keeping your portable, high-value equipment safe.

Keep Valuables Locked Away

Having cash and confidential documents stolen from your business can be disastrous. It is important to keep all money and sensitive information locked in cabinets or drawers. For sensitive data on hard drives, backup the information with virtual copies kept off-site. Remind employees of the importance of locking their computers when they leave their desks.
Some businesses need to worry about inside threats as much as they do outside ones. If they have important documents on their desk, require them to lock them up before they head to lunch or home for the day.

Join A 'Business Watch'

Consider checking with the local police department to see if they have a business watch group. This allows local property owners to alert police and other businesses in the area about crime and break-ins. Business owners can be extra vigilant when there are security threats and be given time to take security measures.
Depending on the needs of your business, you may use some or all of the security measures listed above. For extra precaution, contact a local security company to come and survey your office's weaknesses and recommend options to help.