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Visual Stories: Redefining Brand Publishing

Make your brand the one to watch out for, with Visual Stories!
Aakash Jain

Customer Is the King

For a brand, the customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. A user wants an emotional connect with the brand before purchasing the product. Engaging content, makes the user feel a part of the brand among the umpteen brands available. He does not want the ordeal of typical sales procedure of bombarding him with the promotional pitch.

The Impact Stories Have

Brands have taken to publishing content for showing their brand personality and increasing their visibility. But it is imperative to focus on the quality and the way you present the content, to attract the audiences. Stories with their content do exactly the same.
Stories carry emotions in them and strike the right chord with people. Stories capture the human emotions and a well-crafted Story which is less of a pitch, resonates with the audiences. A great narrative helps to establish new and long relationships, strengthen the older ones, bringing more business and revamping your online presence.

Visual Stories – The Gateway to Success

Visual Stories is the perfect platform for brand publishing. Visual Story builder is a tool that lets you create content in the Web Stories format. Web Stories are mobile-focused, full-screen, tappable, visually rich, immersive user experiences. They load quickly and are search engine friendly and shareable on the web. They score high on engagement metrics.

A Visual Delight

Visual Stories lets you create Stories that are a perfect combination of rich visuals with equally enriching brand content! The eye-pleasing visuals are sure to catch the attention of the customers as they would definitely go for a brand that presents information in a concise and an alluring fashion. The customization options provided help adorn the content.

Stands Out for Mobile Users

Stories you create on Visual Stories are easy to view, specifically to suit the mobile user’s needs. Audiences get a tangible experience of tapping, swiping the visually rich slides of crisp content on the go. The mobile focused format augments user engagement and will, thus, build your brand reputation.

Influential and Diverse

You can aptly present inspiring Stories, success Stories of your brand, ways your brand can enhance the lifestyle of people. On Visual Stories, you can access the in-built library of free-to-use images or upload your own images. The Stories you create are similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, but they can also be searched and shared on the web.

Rage on Social Media

People always recommend their favorite brand to their kins and share it on social media too. The visual content you create on Visual Stories will score high on social platforms and get you a lot of traffic in the form of Likes and Shares. Social platforms give you the chance to interact with the consumers directly and make them fall in love with your brand.

A Chance to Expand

As a brand, you can guest blog on 55+ categories that are a part of Visual Stories Network (VSN). You can also make your website a part of the VSN. So, sign up on Visual Stories, publish content and advertise with this futuristic approach, reach out to more diverse audiences and widen your base.

In a Nutshell

Visual Stories is a wonderful platform to enhance the user experience, score high on user engagement metrics like time on site. And promoting the brand in the Stories format is an efficient way for content marketing campaigns and enhancing business prospects. It’ll raise standards of your digital marketing campaigns in the most exquisite manner.