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What is Visual Merchandising and Why is it Important?

Komal Bakhru
Visual merchandising is a large part of the retail industry, and as simple or uncomplicated as it may sound, there is a lot that goes into this job, making it a very important part of the retail line. Take a look at what visual merchandising is all about, and how it contributes towards better business.
Have you ever walked into a store even though you had no intention of shopping whatsoever, and once you walked in there, have you ever shopped to your heart's content, even though you decided that you were not going to indulge in any retail therapy?
Well, let's admit it, it has happened to the best of us, and inevitably so when the display window is what looked mighty inviting. Here's the thing though, you can hardly blame yourself, because if anything, the people behind alluring you into the store have only just succeeded, and have proved that visual merchandising jobs are indeed their thing.
One of the most important factors that comes into play when looking at the retail line is that of making everything attractive and appealing to anyone that may seem like a potential customer. Here's the thing though...
There's only one way to do it. Make things visually appealing, because that is the first way that anyone ever gets drawn towards even so much as walking into a store. But that is not it. There is a lot more this field has to offer, so how about taking a look at it, and getting better acquainted with what this line is all about.

What is Visual Merchandising?

In the simplest of words, visual merchandising is all about presentation that is so attractive that it appeals to potential customers, thus turning them into real buyers. Occasionally also referred to as visual retailing, visual merchandising holds a very large spot when it comes to turning any business into a major success.
If you were to take a close look at the job description of a visual merchandiser, you would notice that it is interesting indeed, but with all that seems interesting, it is hard work, especially because this job is all about aesthetics, and one has to have a very strong aesthetic sense if they want to last out in a field like that.
The mindset of a customer is one of the first things that a visual merchandiser needs to study. It goes without saying that the first thing a potential customer notices is the window display of any store, and it is only if the first look of the place is fascinating enough, that the rest of the store will be one that a person would consider walking into.
A new and creative look to the place is undoubtedly one of the first ways to allure a person and get them to walk into a store. Once that is done, it is like half the battle won.

Why It Is Important

It is almost evident that if something comes across as unappealing to a person, it doesn't matter how good a product, a person would refrain from so much as even taking a look at it. It is for this reason that proper visual merchandising makes such a big difference, thus acting as the key component for the success of any business.
Now, given that the profitability of any business depends on this, how does one go about it? The answer to that question is really a simple one... It must begin with first understanding the floor plan and layout of the space that is getting used.
The key areas that need to be targeted are the ones that are in direct view of people when either passing by the store, or when they first walk in. It is also important to bear in mind that visual merchandising and store design go hand in hand. One of the most important elements of visual merchandising is the placement of products.
The most attractive and best selling items should always be placed in direct view of a person. At the same time it must be handled in the most effective manner possible. Working in opposition to this idea could lead to being detrimental for the business.
It is also important to keep the customer's interest held. If at any point a customer gets distracted and leaves, chances are the store isn't a well planned one in the first place. But that can be fixed. If you aren't sure how, take a look...

Creating a Visually Enterprising Environment

With the help of a few basic tips and ideas, any space can be turned into one that is visually appealing to people. Take a look at how to do it.
Use Color:  Using color is the first way to attract attention. Bright happy colors are more likely to attract people, as opposed to dull or morose colors. This rule is applicable always, and could be worked in more than one way. While having bright painted walls are one option, the other is that of using colored products and putting them on display.
Use Good Lighting:  Using good lighting is yet another way of creating an atmosphere that is inviting. Using good lighting that helps focus on certain products can get a person one step closer to taking a look at it, and eventually, maybe even purchasing it.
Change Display Frequently:  Using this technique is essential for the simple reason that it let's a person know what's new at the store, thus tempting them to walk into the store. Display windows that look like no effort has been put into them, very evidently, are less likely to attract people into the store.
Use Interesting Themes:  Yet another interesting way to create curiosity is by using unique themes. These themes could be based on either seasons, festivals, or anything that seems appropriate for that moment.
The given tips and suggestions may not be extensive, but are undoubtedly some of the best and most basic one could work with. Making sure that the display window looks constantly inviting can also give you the guarantee that business will be good for as long as you'd like it to be.