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Virtual Office as Quick Start

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Are you a newcomer in the market or a start up and want to save money to stay within your tight budget? Consider a virtual office, as office space will be one of your main expenses. In the Netherlands, many entrepreneurs use virtual office, shared offices and co-working spaces. In Amsterdam, a city with expensive real estate, the use is sky rocketing.

Starting a new business with a tight budget? Here is a great advice

A big trend of the last ten years is the use of virtual offices and comparable options such as shared offices and co-working spaces, particularly in cities where real estate prices sky rocket, such as in Amsterdam. It is not only the real estate prices, it also is because more people choose to start their own business.

New businesses need savings

At the start you have to look for savings as it will take time before you generate income. Saving on an office space can be a great way of staying within the budget. An office address in Amsterdam can be rented below USD 1000 per year. In Netherlands a virtual office include an address to register with the trade register and often a shared office.

Virtual Office Space: More than only Savings

Prime Locations: Virtual offices are not only good for your business budget. They are often located at prime locations. For example, starting legal professionals, where a solid image is important, can be via a virtual office located in the legal heart of the city. Client meetings can be held in meeting rooms that can be rented for per hour.
Made in Holland: A virtual office can be used to set up a low cost business hub. The Netherlands are renowned of their innovative and creative industries. By registering your company or branch office at low cost in the Netherlands, the value of your products will increase and the chance of doing business with companies from Western countries will go up.
Privacy and Professionality:
In the Netherlands you can register your business at your residential address. Clients or businesses that check your business address on Google Maps get a much better impression when your business is located at a business address. Also you do not have any visitors at your private address when you use a virtual office.
Meeting Fellow Entrepreneurs: Virtual offices are most often set up as co-working spaces or shared offices. This means that you will meet fellow entrepreneurs at the coffee machine. Other starters can provide you with valuable advice on obtaining financing, use of sales channels and good quality service providers and can become your business partners.