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Tips for Starting a Tanning Salon

Sonu S
So, you are planning to start a tanning salon? Great idea! The following information will guide you, so that you have a great start to your business.
A tanning salon can be one of the most profitable business ventures, if you are located in the right location, with the right equipment. A good start is essential for any business to flourish. Starting a tanning salon will require a good initial investment, but you will reap huge profits once you are established.
Before starting a tanning salon, it is advisable to take up a course in business management. This would surely help you set up a good business. After you have done that, you should evaluate your business idea. If your evaluation gives you a positive response, then you should proceed with your idea.

Points to Consider


Your research plays a decisive role in success of your business. Study about the tanning salons, educate yourself about indoor tanning.
The more you research, the more you will be aware of the risks involved in this business. Understand who are your competitors in the market, and make a list of the services and facilities that they offer.
Go to the best tanning salons in other towns (the ones in your town won't be helpful once they realize that you are competition), observe their functioning, and ask for their suggestions.


Once you have done your research, you will have a fair idea of all the things that you need in your salon, and you will also be in a position to estimate the capital required to start the business.
After estimation, if you feel like you are short of money, then you can borrow from a bank, or look for an investor. Once you are sure that you have enough money to start the business, you can go ahead.


The location of your salon influences the popularity of your business to a great extent. If your salon is in a prime location with ample traffic, you will surely grow at a faster rate.
Look for space that is in a good location (but see that you do not end up spending a huge sum on the rent itself). See that the space is big enough, it should easily accommodate a waiting room, and a few tanning beds. Make sure that there are no problems in the power supply.

Tanning Beds

A tanning salon has no future without good tanning beds. So, see that you get the best tanning beds for your salon. You will definitely face budget restrictions here, but see that you do not compromise a lot.
The cost of a tanning bed will vary depending on your specification, you might have to spend around $2,500 on an average. You can start your business with small tanning beds, and then switch over to big ones, once you are established. It is better if you have vertical and horizontal beds.

Set Up

Now, it is time for you to set up your salon. Your salon should not look congested. There should be dividers between each bed. Get all necessary furniture, along with qualified staff.
Good lotions and protective eye wears, are a must. You can collaborate with lotion manufacturers, and make a good profit by selling lotions. Once you have become popular, you can also start the sale of other accessories.


This is very essential at the start of your business, because people do not know about your salon. Use all possible means (newspaper, billboards, television, radio, etc.) to advertise.
You can also create your own website. One of the best ways to attract customers is to provide great offers in the initial phase of your business, and charge less than your competitors. Once you have a loyal customer base, you can increase your rates.


If you maintain good standards of service and safety, your customers will return to your salon. Follow all the regulations that are suggested by the government.
Educate all your customers about benefits and the risks involved, in indoor tanning.
Your salon should have signboards indicating the risks, you should be friendly with your customers and solve any queries that they have. If you maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, then you will surely be successful in your venture.
In addition to these, remember to insure your business, and get all the required permits and licenses, and see that the customer signs a discharge agreement after you inform him about the risks of indoor tanning.
Remember, the safety of your customer should be one of your prime goals, so do periodic cleaning and safety checks of your tanning beds. If you are short of money, then you can always consider franchising. Hope your business reaches great heights, best of luck!