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Tech Features Your Business Requires To Thrive in 2020

Technology has leveled the playground and made easier for small companies to compete with established firms.
Kevin Gardner
Your business could be struggling to find solutions for its operations. You’re probably not alone. One thing that is challenging many small business owners is trying to stay ahead of the competitors and being successful. Luckily, there are solutions to all these challenges.
Research in 2017 showed that many small and medium-sized businesses struggled to bring in new customers. However, the trick to solving all these hurdles that small businesses are facing is harnessing the power of technology.
Not so many years back when sales software and messenger bots were only available for established businesses. Fortunately, technology is now available to virtually every enterprise. Technology has leveled the playground and made easier for small companies to compete with established firms.

Messenger Bots

You’re probably using at least one AI application. It could be Whatsapp or Facebook Messanger bot. With the rapid increase and development of AI-powered bots, nearly every business relies on some form of artificial intelligence. Your computer uses AI anytime it engages in human-like activities such as solving problems and learning.
Computers will no longer need any human to draw conclusions and analyze data with the current explosion of artificial intelligence. The use of messaging apps such as SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messanger has revolutionized small businesses.
Research claims that most support operations and customer service will have to add bot technology or virtual customer assistant across their channels in the future.

Data Scraping Tools

Today’s businesses are flooded with heaps of data from pricing playbooks, marketing campaigns, and product documents. However, data scraping tools can help mine this data and find similarities and trends in it. Data scraping tools can understand the emotional tone of a written document; thus, adding context to customer interactions.
Already over 50% of businesses around the world are tapping into data scraping technology. Web data from scraping can help analyze brand sentiments, manage call center operations, and improve the recruitment process.
Data scraping can help businesses grow their brand, boost customer satisfaction, attract new clients, and find great staff. Web scraping tools can make a messenger bot seem more human-like and attuned to the emotions and mood of a customer.

Internet of Things

The internet of things can include anything from data to system integration, hardware, software, and telecom services. Research claims that over 94% of businesses will be using IoT-enabled tools by 2021. Estimated expenditure on IoT-enabled devices was recently revised, and it is expected to hit $1,567 billion by 2025.
Businesses generate data from virtually anything ranging from purchases, sales, expenses, and what customers look at before they make a purchase decision. All this data contributes to the growth of the Internet of Things. AI has now become a parallel universe where all information is dumped.
Businesses are now using IoT-enabled devices to record and transfer data, eliminate guesswork, improve their efficiency, and monitor their processes. Companies no longer rely on assumptions to know what is happening around them.

Cloud Computing

You use cloud services every time you use the internet. Though many businesses were reluctant to switch their in-house databases and systems to the cloud, cloud computing has revolutionized the business world. Most small companies now realize that ditching clunky hardware and on-site software for the cloud is worthwhile.
There is a lot to gain from the cloud, including improved customer experience, reduced upfront costs, and increased flexibility. Dropbox and Gmail are examples of cloud-storage solutions that are accessible on virtually any device, anywhere, and anytime.
Virtually every business, irrespective of its size, has felt the impact of technology in its operations. New tech features are designed to make it simpler and easier for small business owners to thrive. With the latest technology, small businesses don’t need a dedicated customer support or marketing department to flourish.
All that a small business owner needs is enthusiasm and flexibility to implement new tech features and wait for results.