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Starting a Business – My Story

Eric Leader
Growing up in a family that encouraged athletics and fitness, I grew to fall in love with every aspect of the fitness community. I knew that when I grew up I wanted to have a job or career affiliated with the fitness industry and making my living helping others.

The Back Story

Upon graduating high school, we are told of course that the next thing to do is to go to college which I did. I attended college in Virginia where I majored in exercise science and kinesiology.

Upon receiving my degree I was ready to conquer the world and start making money doing what I love, helping people reach their fitness goals.

I HATE My Job!

I landed in a gym with an experience that was certainly not what I expected.

Personal training and helping individuals accomplish their health and fitness goals is what I set out to do, unfortunately, I found myself cleaning equipment and vacuuming the gym floor. I was very unhappy and I needed to make a change. But what to do?

An Idea Is Born

I decided to take a risk, and start my business. Now be advised, I don't promote quitting your job and starting a career haphazardly. While I was working in the gym, I was building my business on the side.

I wanted to start an in-home personal training company, whereas clients could have trainers come to their home rather than the gym.

The Next Step

It was my hope that someday I would be my own boss and make my own schedule and to be honest not have to work early mornings which I hate.

So after months and months of building my business while working my current job, my business was finally taking off.

Take a Calculated Risk

I was able to make enough money financially to quit my gym job and work for myself full-time. It was a risk that was very scary and one that seemed likely to fail.

However, risk is a very important part of life. Not just any risk but a calculated risk. I made sure that I had enough money coming in to support myself before I took the plunge.


It is now 17 years later and I am happy to say that I am blessed to still be in business with my company Every Body's Personal Trainer.

I have a clientele of members that I love and I'm fortunate to do what I love. Starting a business is a very scary and intimidating call, however, with calculated risk and hard work it most definitely can become achievable.

Set a Plan

Make sure to set a plan of action and take steps to implement the plan. To build a business it's going to take many hours and much hard work, many times while you are working another job.

However, never lose sight that the fruit of your labor is going to yield a great opportunity.

Advice to Follow

If I could give advice on how to go about starting your own business my advice would be the following. Take a risk, but a planned calculated risk and not just a risk doomed to fail.

Be financially stable and have enough money coming in to pay bills. Be wary of too much overhead. Finally, put in the work, nothing worthwhile was built without sacrifice.