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Simple Ways To Accurately Track PTO

Carol Evenson
Tracking and managing employees' PTO can be time taking, especially if you have limited HR personnel or a big workforce. Having an accurate view of each employee's use of vacation time can be important, especially while creating teams or trying to schedule project milestones in future. Here are some easy steps you can implement.

Use Software

Many problems with managing and tracking PTO come from using outdated methods. Keeping track of PTO information in a physical log can cause errors and make it difficult for managers to provide accurate information to employees about PTO. One easy way to solve this problem is using time-off management software.
These software programs can make it easier to oversee PTO. Programs may allow employees to instantly find how much PTO they have, make PTO requests, and see a manager's response, all in one place.

Standardize Holidays

Another challenge relates to seasonal vacation requests. Many employees take vacations at certain times of the year, such as during winter holidays or summer. This can be challenging if company has minimum-manning requirements. It may be better to modify the holiday schedule to accommodate most commonly celebrated holidays.

Honor Sick Leave

Managing PTO for planned vacations is less complicated than handling day-of requests when employees fall sick. Making it a challenge for employees to use sick leave can increase chances of them coming to office even if they are unwell. This can spread germs and lead to more employees falling sick.
It is better to encourage employees to stay home when sick. You may use the calendar function of PTO management software to keep track of sick time easily and make sure your teams function well even when people are out of office.

Modernize Your PTO Program

It may seem counterintuitive, but giving employees more control over PTO can be beneficial to company. Some companies have moved toward an "unlimited" PTO policy, giving employees freedom to take days off as needed. This type of program needs managers to trust employees, as it may reduce productivity-killing issues.
Expanding company's vacation offerings can be a key part of attracting best employees. It can improve office environment and workflow. Many professionals are dedicated and highly unlikely to abuse generous PTO policies. When employees feel free to take vacations, they may return to work with more energy and passion.
There are many steps you can take to reduce the stress of managing and tracking PTO in your company. Giving employees more control over their vacations can lead to better work performance and may reduce the time, managers need to spend overseeing and calculating PTO hours.