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Self Employment Opportunities for Women

Aastha Dogra
If you are looking for a job which offers you full freedom and hundred percent share in profits, then probably you should consider self employment. Here are some opportunities in order to help you do the same.
Self employment has many benefits. You get to choose the amount of work that you want to do, follow the work timings that you want, and keep all the profits that you make! Working for oneself is in fact a dream for many individuals, especially for women who have family and kids to look after.

Self Employment Opportunities


If you are someone who enjoys cooking and is known amongst family and friends for your culinary skills, turn your hobby into a business by starting a catering service.
Initially, you can offer your services to your acquaintances for a birthday party or anniversary celebration. Work really hard on the initial few assignments and try some new and innovative recipes. Repeat customers, new clients, and big assignments such as marriage parties or business functions, depend a lot on good word of mouth in this business.

Household Cleaning Services

One of the best self employment ideas for women who do not have a college degree is to start their own cleaning service. For advertising this business, post flyers around your neighborhood.
You can offer services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and courtyard cleaning to your neighborhood.
Families in which both the husband and wife are working, will be very willing to use your services. The initial investment in such a business is pretty low too as the only things you need are basic cleaning products and related equipment.

Online Selling

These days, there are lots of people who make money by selling things on websites. Right from old clothes, books, and art and craft items, to things bought from second hand stores, anything and everything finds a market on such sites.
So if you are good at painting or making artificial jewelry, you can make and sell such products on the Internet. You can buy cheaper stuff from discounted sites and sell it for a profit too. And this you can do in the convenience of your home!

Freelance Writing

Another useful idea is to take up freelance writing jobs. You will find such jobs on the Internet as well as at your local newspaper or magazine. If language is your forte and you love to research and write on diverse topics, consider this profession.


If you have been good at academics and are also good at handling kids, you can consider starting your own tutoring service. Mathematics, English, and science are the main subjects, so if you have your concepts right in these, start taking up tuition. Neighborhood children and those who study in schools in your vicinity are the ones that you should target.
Speak to your local schools and see if they allow you to put up your advertisement on the school's notice board. If they do, you won't have much of a problem finding students for your tuition class.


For women who have education as well as years of experience in a particular field, such as in advertising, marketing, or finance, there is no dearth of opportunities. Such women can start their own consultancy and offer specialized services to businesses, especially the small ones.
Usually, it is seen that small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time professionals, so these places can be targeted for business. If you have a good network in the industry, it can help you get clients too.

Online Surveys

For women who want to make quick and easy money, taking online surveys is a good idea. These surveys are usually conducted by market research companies to see how the products are faring amongst the customers.
In some cases, you will be sent a sample of a product and then asked to review it. The Internet has a number of such work opportunities. However, be careful of scam websites and make sure you only register yourself with the reputable ones.
Self employment offers a lot of flexibility unlike any other job. However, working for oneself and starting one's own business means the risk and responsibility of the business is completely on you! So, these opportunities should be considered only if one is serious about taking this step, and is willing to work hard.