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SAFEPOD's Portable Emergency Shelters

Portable emergency shelters can be transported to the deepest jungle or remotest village anywhere in Africa.
The SAFEPODs are equipped to handle the COVID pandemic and, when no longer required to operate as a quarantine hospital, can be repurposed into a variety of functions for different industries.
Ideal for use as a field clinic or hospital, these disaster relief tents transform into classrooms, offices, community centres or even libraries once COVID-19 dissipates
The isolation pods are manufactured from sturdy 50mm polystyrene walls that act as a buffer against extreme weather conditions.
Lightweight yet extremely strong, the SAFEPODs are the answer in remote campsites operated by research industries.
They can also be repurposed for warehousing, storage, and countless other uses.
Investing in a SAFEPOD as a portable hospital or as relief tents guarantees a return on the outlay. If no longer required for any other purpose these mobile field hospitals can be sold to any number of industries