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Quick Fundraising Ideas

Stephen Rampur
There are hundreds of quick fundraising ideas for kids and teenagers that will make the events enjoyable, while collecting substantial amounts of funds.
"Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving."Hank Rosso

Fundraising Ideas

There are many fundraising ideas that can be used to collect money in a very little time. Moreover, these activities require the least bit of planning and finances. These events can really be a fun and enjoyable experience for the participants. You will have to take help from few of your friends as volunteers.

Regular Contributors

The best method for collecting funds in a very less period of time is to get in touch with the regular contributors and request them for funds. Explain the purpose of the fundraising activity to them in detail.

Karaoke Event

This is a good way to attract funds, as well as keep people entertained. Set up for a karaoke event and a DJ, and ask participants to sing. Make sure you choose a location where there are many passersby.


You also have the option of arranging a walkathon. Set up the track and advertise about the event by distributing pamphlets and using word of mouth publicity. Also distribute sheets for the donations and funds.

Bakery Sale

In order to conduct a bake sale, you may be required to check if you need the respective licenses. Get the baked goods, do the pricing, and sell them to customers. You may even advertise the fundraiser and request for donations.

Musical Concerts

You can request your church or school choir to do a concert as a fundraiser. Advertise the event in your neighborhood and set up the tickets for sale. This activity will need no more time than just singing and playing.

Free Services

Get together with your team and set out to do free services for a donation. These services can include raking leaves, washing a car, pet sitting, shoveling snow, etc., among others.

Puppet Show

Another entertaining event that can be held is a puppet show. You can take help from a puppeteer for holding this event. Set a date, time, and fees for the event and gather the amount for the noble cause.

Book Sale

You can even hold a book sale for gathering funds. Ask your teachers, relatives, friends, other people to donate old books that can be used in the sale. You may get books that are much sought after and can be sold for a good amount.

Comedy Show

To add a bit of humor in the fundraising activity, you may approach a comedian and ask him/her if he/she would perform for charity. Have a ticket set for the comedy show.

Talent Competition

This is also one of the most successful fundraising ideas. You can set a talent competition and charge a fee for both, the participants as well as the attendees. For attracting more people towards the competition, advertise that you are doing it for a charitable cause.
These ideas were just the common ones. However, there are many more activities that can be used to collect funds in a very little time for the cause taken up by your nonprofit organization.