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Proper Business Etiquette

Pushpa Duddukuri
Are you bothering about how you can inculcate business etiquette in you? There is so much more to it, which you may not be aware of. Read the given story that provides a brief insight into this concept and how it would help you to get the promotion you are awaiting.
Etiquette is just not confined to the use of the right fork at the dinner table. It involves everything that has to do with saying the right things, dressing the right way to doing the right thing, etc. In other words, it implies being at your best behavior.
Business etiquette is just about following the same at your workplace. Contrary to many people's beliefs, it has nothing to do with being upright and stuffy; in fact, it's all about being smart and well-cultured. Showing everyone that you have a polished and sophisticated side to you would help you stand out from the rest.

What is Business Etiquette?

This has everything to do with good manners and appropriate habits. So, what kind of behavior can be constituted as good for workplace? For this, let's take a look at some things, which you might be doing unconsciously at your workplace.

Proper Dressing Sense

Everyone seems to like commenting on others' dressing sense, but how a person dresses up in the office has real significance in the corporate world. A sleek and smart look would make a favorable impression, rather than a tardy and messy appearance. What to wear and what not to wear at office is an important question as this whole arena has become ambiguous due to constantly changing fads.
Sticking to formal wear is the only way one can exhibit neatness and professionalism. Women should avoid wearing too loud colored clothes, or even sleeveless blouses and short skirts. For men, formal shirts with full sleeves and an uncreased attire will do the trick.

Phone Etiquette

Many times, a phone call seals the fate of a business deal, and it is important that you excel at the art of pleasant conversation. If you are not required to say any specific company's intro, then make sure that you give out your name or designation while answering any such call. The key is to fetch all the information from the client carefully.
Profanity or aggressive tone during a telephonic conversation can cause a big dent to your company's image, so it is but obvious that you should refrain from such behavior. Pay attention to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. Do not interrupt him/her because such an act has always been considered rude, even if it reeks of being chivalric.
If you are transferring any call, kindly inform the person that you are doing so as this is the rudest thing people complain of when they call any customer service. Never, in any instance, slam down your phone; remember that you wouldn't like this to happen with you.
Another important thing is that, if you have told someone that you will give him/her a call, then you should keep your word and courteously call that person even if there is no further progress in the matter concerned. These are just some of phone etiquette; be it business or home, it should reflect in voice and conversation on phone.

Email Etiquette

Business communication is just what everyone wants to master and perfect. Though emailing can be done even by a kid, exhibiting proper etiquette via an email can be just a tad difficult.
The first commandment for the same is never to make spelling and grammatical mistakes. Include all the details in the email so that you do not have to reply to queries again and again. Make sure that the tone is proper and is serving the intended purpose.
To find out that the tone is appropriate, you can read the email aloud. Business letters and emails are supposed to be formal and devoid of any errors. But, unlike these letters, emails have a scope of being light and crisp, and can express pleasant disposition of yours.
Write correct names and addresses because the client or customer wouldn't appreciate anything less than that. If you are sending an attached file of considerable size, then ensure that your email would actually reach the desired destination without bouncing.
Thus, business etiquette is essential for climbing up the ladder of success in the corporate world. These are not just about getting your grammar right while speaking in a conference or writing an email; instead, it's about you being courteous to whomever you interact with.