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Professional Paper Shredding Services

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
In order to protect the confidentiality of business documents, one can always opt for professional paper shredding services. Read further to understand various aspects related to it.
Issues regarding identity theft and fraud are on the rise with each passing day. The best way to secure personal or business documents is to make use of a paper shredder. This mechanical device cuts the paper into strips or fine pieces.
Nowadays, business companies, government organizations, and even individuals use such devices to destroy sensitive and confidential documents.
Their size may range from a small unit, meant for destroying a few pages, to a large shredder truck used by commercial shredding services. Small ones include the hand-operated variety like multi-cut scissors and the in-house shredding machines.
Thus, depending upon the document load, one can use a home-shredder or hire the services of a professional paper shredding company.
A home-shredder is a small electric-powered device on top of a trash bin, operated in such a way that the papers are cut in a ribbon shape or crosswise fashion.
Drawback of using this device is that the regularity in the shape and size of the product can be reconstructed by an intelligence gatherer with the help of a software.
Professional paper shredding companies use shredding technologies like grinder, hammermill, and pierce and tear/rotary shear. The final products are irregularly shaped, very fine particles that are difficult to reconstruct. Such a company provides services either through on-site or off-site (mobile) shredding.
Usually, the on-site method is regarded as a better and safer option. However, it is to be noted that both work best, if you trust the company.
If you opt for the on-site method, a shredder truck comes to your office or home for destroying your documents. With this option, you can carry out document shredding on a routine basis such as daily, weekly, or monthly. The company may provide special containers for safely storing your company documents (if needed), before the next shredding schedule.
Another added feature available in many such trucks is an onboard camera, with the help of which you can confirm that all your documents are cut properly. After the documents are destroyed, the shredded papers are taken to their warehouse for recycling.
The off-site or mobile method, on the other hand, provides a container to fill up the documents. The paper shredding company then loads the filled container on to their trucks and transports it to their warehouse, where the documents are put through the machines.
Similar to the on-site method, you can monitor the entire process with security cameras to check whether the documents are destroyed in entirety or not.
In both cases, the company provides a certificate of destruction to the client. Though paper shredding contributes a lot to the environment by recycling paper, the controversy regarding air pollution arises. Many environmentalists are of the opinion that the trucks used for this purpose consume more fuel, thus increasing carbon emission.
There are many benefits of opting for such services. You don't have to buy and keep bulky machines in your office; neither do you have to hire skilled manpower for operating them. The documents will be regularly destroyed as per your convenience and the shredded paper will be recycled.
However, one word of advice regarding hiring such services is to research about the ones that are available in your area. You can opt for the company that has a clean record without any legal issues.