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Post COVID-19 World: Why Having an Online Business Is Necessary!

Shraboni Sen Kar Jul 1, 2020
Half a year along with the coronavirus, and the world is no more the same.
Lockdowns everywhere are either over or about to get over. Tough times lie ahead, as the new normal will require you to save your life as well as your livelihood.
The Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The same way, coronavirus forced people all around the world to think it all over. 
To keep up the semblance of normality, people switched to digital tools and platforms. May be the dense clouds of uncertainty are howling over you, but that doesn’t mean you lose hope. 
To remain in the race, you have to fast-track your digital transformation and go online. Going online can reap in many benefits for your business. 
Offers Scalability
Location is no more a challenge here. With the help of the internet, your reach gets global.
In short, the entire world is a potential market for your products/services and you don’t even have to move an inch out.
An online business gives you the maximum flexibility. You can create a work schedule as per your convenience. 
At what time you are going to work and how much time you are going to put in, remains in your control. 
You can even continue doing your full time job along with your online business. After all, who would not want some extra income amid this crisis!
Ability to Work from Home
An online business removes the hurdles of lockdown and social distancing. You or your employees can all work remotely. All you need is a computer with internet connectivity.
Minimal Overhead Cost
An online business reduces many of the overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar business. 
For example, there is no need to purchase a building or rent office space, since you can work out of a home office.
Reduced Staff Requirements
For a physically existing business office, you need to recruit many staff members.
While, in an online business, you don't need to recruit much staff like the security staff, sales staff, cashier, receptionist, etc, as a lot of the work is carried out automatically and virtually.
Round-the-Clock Service
An online business can produce revenue round-the-clock, even while you sleep.
The 24/7 availability of the internet enables your prospective customers to find your products and services at any time of the day and from any location.
Ease of Transaction
An online business makes transactions easier. You can set up a secure page on your website where your customers can transact through credit cards or through online payment service like PayPal.
This reduces the hassles of sending out paper bills by mail. No cash handling, no fraudulent transactions and you receive payments quickly.
People everywhere are equipped with smart devices. And as going out is a no-no these days, people look online for almost everything. 
Well, staying indoors and getting everything at home is definitely a better idea than going out looking for things and exposing yourself to the virus.
Low-Cost Marketing
The Internet offers a variety of ways to market your business at little or no cost.
One of the most effective ways of marketing is through the Web Stories format. Here, Visual Stories can help businesses adopt this new marketing strategy, a way for their promotional content to rank on Google's 1st page. 
So, it is time you upgrade your business with the help of Visual Stories and get a Web Stories blog on your website. Harness the Web Stories format to expand your reach.