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Patanjali Launched New Application Orderme

Orderme is new e-commerce platform by one of the fast-growing business organizations Patanjali. It has multiple features from buying groceries to free medical consults.
Himanshu arora
Creating a virtual network to facilitate buying goods and services in this situation of lock down period is a good source of customer attraction and grabbing valuable profits.
Orderme - A New e-Commerce Outlook
Features of Orderme Application
  • It provides wide range of grocery items to choose from.
  • Has organic fruits and vegetable range.
  • 24/7 customer support from doctors for free consultation.
  • Flexible delivery system from debit card to COD.
This platform promotes only goods crafted in India, with varieties of natural and herbal medicines made from plants and herbs. To know  the details, click on the given link.