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OKR Champion Roles & Responsibilities

For your OKR effort to succeed, you need a Champion. What does a successful OKR Champion do?
Paul Niven

Knowledge Expert

A successful OKR Champion is the content expert on all matters OKR - the go-to guy or gal for all questions OKR.

OKR Champions should consider becoming a Certified Objective & Key Results Professional, COKRP.


All change efforts require inspiration and motivation to succeed.

Somebody in your organization has to convince your team leads that OKRs are the right tool at the right time to make a powerful difference. That's the OKR Champion.

OKR Ambassador Training

The OKR Champion needs a team of highly trained regional Ambassadors to make the change effort STICK, especially in global corporations.

A Certified OKR Professional will have the tools, knowledge and disciplines to train a team of Ambassadors to become OKR advocates.


The OKR Champion defines a repeatable process for collecting, sharing, and leveraging OKRs and tracking progress against success criteria.

Along with Chief Executive Support, the OKR Champion holds teams accountable for cross-functional alignment and goal 'threading'.

Ensures Alignment Across the Enterprise

Is everybody in the organization looking at the same star? Are we all working toward the same Big Vision?

The OKR Champion ensures that all objectives and key results are linked to the overall corporate strategy. Remember - OKR is as much about saying 'No' as it is about saying 'Yes'.

Celebrates Success!

Everybody needs to know how their efforts contribute to the Big Vision. By keeping OKRs transparent across the enterprise and actively looking for success stories, the OKR Champion can socialize victories and reward superior performance.

Remember, nothing drives success like success!

Become a Certified OKR Professional

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an OKR Champion, or to become a Certified OKR Professional, visit our website at okrstraining.com.

Your success is our success.