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Most Profitable Small Businesses

Mukta Gaikwad
Some of the most profitable small businesses are the ones that hold your interest longer than your customers'. So, if you have been looking for ideas to work from home, delve a bit deeper into your hobbies and interests, or read on...
Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to work at your timings, in your space, and at your pace. With such luxury, there is every reason for a small business idea to be a profitable one. Be the boss of your own game by starting up a small business. All you need is a plan of action, capital investment, and the determination to see it through.
Such work-from-home ideas are excellent for mothers with little kids, who wish to stay at home, or even for single fathers, who want to be indulgent. Small business ideas work in the favor of the second innings professional too. Working from your comfort zone enables optimum productivity and hence, better results.


If you have good enough capital, which you are willing to invest, then taking a franchise of a chain store is great idea. Capital here refers to money and land. You need both to start your own store.
The biggest advantage of a franchise is that there is a certain assurance to break even at the least. This increases your chances of staying in the business for a longer time. However, although the brand is usually known, a franchise also takes time to make profits. A franchise is a better idea against venturing out on your own to earn bigger profits.

Writing Studio

There is a world out there that cannot find the right words to say. If you consider yourself a wordsmith, then here's what you can do. A writing studio is essentially a service that helps those who cannot write for themselves.
Scripting for wedding cards, brochures, billboards, coffee table books and features of corporate houses. This involves a mix of copyrighting, creative writing and journalistic writing. Both the skills can be honed and perfected over a period of time, to write your own story of success.


Teaching is an ability that privileges only a select few. Tutoring kids for various subjects is a profitable job. It requires no investments. All it demands is your time and effort, to shape the minds and lives of youth, in a way that empowers them.
Whether it is teaching academic subjects or performing arts, a teacher has to patient with students and must have the capability to inspire and motivate them. A teacher plays a crucial role in tempering a child's future into a bright one. Thus, it is a job that comes with full responsibility, even though its part-time in nature.


The market of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and cakes for every other occasion is only increasing year after year. So, why not make the most of it? A confectionery store records maximum sale even when there is no particular event.
Take a few baking classes and practice at home before you launch your cake shop. Not many bakers accept small orders, as they are too big for that and not many provide custom-made cakes. Baking cakes, cookies, and breads of any shape, size and flavor will surely give the bakers in your area a run for their money.
Delve a bit deeper in your interests and hobbies to know what you are good at. Often the ideas behind the most profitable small businesses are interpretations of someone's skill sets. For instance, if you are good at organizing, then event planning can be a great business idea for you.
Advertising is one of the most important factors of making your business idea popular and a successful one. Advertising through social media along with word of mouth publicity and print will increase your sales and bring the much-needed attention to the business venture.