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Making the Most Out of Your Business Trip

Lewis Robinson
Business trips can seem like an exhausting, work-filled enterprise, but if you are clever, you can turn them into something to look forward to. Enjoying yourself while traveling for business can be good for both your company and your own well-being.

Be Comfortable

The number one rule for any trip is to prioritize comfort. When you are forced into small spaces for long periods of time or on your feet all day, why make it worse by wearing something that adds to your discomfort? Fortunately, it's possible to do this without sacrificing style. When it comes to business attire, it's the material that makes the difference.
Look into the best athletic fit dress shirt for a professional, luxury look that won't wrinkle, wicks away moisture and will stretch to accommodate your movement. Your feet are also important to pay attention to.
Wearing compression socks on your travel days can help to improve your circulation and keep your feet comfortable on planes, trains and automobiles. It's also possible to find classy shoes that are made for walking long distances, to keep your feet even happier.

Eat Well

The saying "you are what you eat" is the most applicable when talking about your mood. It may be tempting to give in to the convenience and ease of fast food while on a busy trip, but you'll probably feel worse for it. If it's possible, pack filling and nutritious snacks like nuts and dried fruit.
Try your best not to skip breakfast. Make time to take yourself out to eat for a decent meal every so often, which can be a welcome mental reprieve, as well. When in a new and exciting locale, eating the food is one of the best ways to experience the local culture on a time crunch.

Plan Ahead

Some of the most stressful moments on business trips are borne of indecision. You may think it will be more relaxing to not over-plan, but you'd be wrong. Not knowing what transportation to take or where you are usually means that you'll be stuck scrambling to do a bunch of last minute research when you could be enjoying yourself in your free time.
You don't have to schedule every last second of your day, but you should have a thorough understanding of where you'll be staying, how you'll be getting there, and generally where you'd like to eat or visit. Only once there is a plan in place is it possible to be flexible.

Take Breaks

Usually when your company deems it necessary to send you somewhere, they are expecting you to get a lot done in a short amount of time. However, wherever you can, it is in your best interest to sneak in short breaks.
Even if this just means a short walk or a quick visit to a local cafe for a caffeine boost, you will find that clearing your head and experiencing the place you have been sent to can balance your mood and do wonders for your productivity. Plus, you will have more to tell folks back home than just about the inside of the conference center or office building.

Extend Your Stay

If you are being sent somewhere you've always wanted to see, or overseas, do you best to take advantage of your plane ticket. Talk with your company about using vacation days to extend your stay, or lining up the trip to include weekends.
This could allow you to see places you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford to visit. Sometimes you can even negotiate a family member or companion into the deal. That means you'll have a mini-vacation to look forward to after all your business is taken care of- a powerful incentive to do an efficient job.
There's no reason you shouldn't take some time for yourself when traveling on the company dime. You are only human, after all. If you take the time to have some fun, it will also boost your work performance.