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Steps to Make Your Own Business Cards

Medha Godbole
Knowing how to make your own business card is a skill which can come handy these days. More so if you have your own business, or if you provide a service without any attachment to a specific company. Scroll down to know more...
Doing a business or providing a service is a tough task. Even more difficult is to get clients and create newer avenues for your business. Business cards is one such thing, which, if you give or keep for people to have a look, in the right place, your business can go leaps and bounds. There is a fair chance, at least.
Business cards therefore, are very important. You have quite a few options as far as business cards are concerned - either you can design it yourself and get it printed, or get custom cards done from professionals. I believe it is very rewarding to make them on your own, because you can make them exactly as you want.
Experiment: To make business cards for yourself

Method: Manual or Computer-aided

Step #1

You have to be clear as to what all are you going to include in your business card. It is like a mini resume. You have to include industry or service you are involved in, along with your contact numbers. If you own a business, having the address of the company is mandatory. Keep it clear and concise, don't overdo the details.

Step #2

Now we move on to the topic of 'designing your own business cards'. There are hundreds of designs available online to help you with that. Or if you have a creative bent of mind, you can design it on your own. While chalking out a design, let the product or service or your company be reflected through that. A logo or any similar graphic element will have a good impact on the card as well as a prospective client.
Put a few designs which come to your mind on paper, and get all the good elements together to design your business card design. Just play with the elements you liked the most, and get a perfect design. Finally, get it done on a page layout software like page maker or Indesign. Give the print out to professional printer and get it done.

Step #3

A very important thing to remember while you design a card is that the font should be legible and clear. The legibility should not prove to be a hindrance in people reaching you. Choose a theme and a design which is neither very gaudy nor too subtle. It should make an impact but should not be 'in the face'.

Step #4

Using a good quality paper is imperative. The first thing that people are going to notice is the feel of the paper. Using a good quality paper adds value to your business, and makes it professional and impressive.

Step #5

To add value to your card, make good use of the reverse side. If you feel that the front part is not sufficient for giving maximum possible information. But keep in mind that it should be relevant and useful. That is a norm you have to follow while making your own business cards.
All you need is a good design, and get it printed well. If you can do that, you can make your own business cards for a nominal cost! Keep experimenting and have a great business!