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List of Packaging Tips That Can Be Beneficial for Companies

Austin Winder
A detailed look at some useful information businesses can use, to increase the quality of their packaging to better reflect their products.


When it comes to shipping, packaging your products is extremely important. The quality of packaging can often reflect the quality of your product in the minds of many consumers, and is one of the easiest marketing tools you can use to help customers remember your brand.

Here are six easy shipping and packaging tips for business packages.

Remove Old Shipping Labels

Do you plan to use old shipping supplies when shipping your product? It’s a great way to make money and be economically responsible.

But the first thing you should do is; remove all old shipping labels from the other company. Make sure you remove the bar codes and labels before reusing the packaging.
The old bar codes and shipping labels may cause your package to come back to you or to be delivered to the wrong address. They can be confusing for shipping services, slowing down the shipping process.

Old shipping labels also make your package look as if you were in a hurry. Remove those labels before repackaging your products.
Make sure that the box is free from any unnecessary labels. Your packaging should be clean and simple. Fancy packaging can tend to be overwhelming to the naked eye. Use a simple design on your packaging that will stick in your customer's minds.

Use the H-Tape Method

If you’re packaging the products yourself, you should learn the H-tape method. This method is the proper way to send a package and prevents it from opening up during the shipping process.

Tape along the sides of your box when you seal it, making an H-shape along the sides of the box's upper end.
You should also place tape across the front of the box. This completes the H-shape and ensures that all of the seams are sealed. Just make sure that you secure all of the sealed ends with additional tape to ensure that it won't open up.

The Right Tape Makes a Difference

The tape that you use for sealing your packages will make a big difference. Paper or plastic tape that's 2-inches wide and a minimum of 60 lbs. is usually a great choice for your packaging. Cellophane tape like Scotch tape or masking tape isn't as strong as you may think.
Be sure not to use rope or string to put your packages together. This can get caught onto the equipment and ruin your package. Your recipient may end up with a crushed or mangled package that could easily come undone during the shipping process.

Make Use of Tracking Services

Some online businesses offer free shipping to keep up with the competition. With the U.S. Postal Service, you can track your packages via the official website and mobiles services.
You also have the option to send the shipment updates to your phone via text message or phone call so you can track your package while you're away from your office. All you need to do is enter the tracking number on the website to track your package.
FedEx also has its own tracking service. FedEx Tracking gives you proof of delivery once the shipment reaches its destination. FedEx Insight allows you to track multiple packages to different destinations. Or, you can track your packages via e-mail by requesting this service.
UPS allows you to receive real-time updates on the exact location and status of your shipments. This new service called Quantum View Notify provides you with accurate updates via e-mail. There are also plenty of third-party websites that allow you to track a package no matter who the shipping service is.

Don't Forget to Include a Business Card

Including an additional shipping label or business card are both ways to provide your customers with your contact information. This also allows for the shipping service provider to deliver your package in the event that it gets damaged, lost, or stolen. Your information should also include a logo.


A great logo will say something about your brand and help your product sell even before your customer sees it. Your logo should be as attractive as the packaging and the product.

It'll stick out in your customer's minds and have them coming back to your business.
Always remember your customers when packaging your products. Who are you selling to? How are they purchasing your products? Your packaging will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your customers and growing your brand.