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Knife and Scissor Sharpening Business

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Knife and scissor sharpening business is a unique entrepreneurship venture. This is a part-time, flexible venture, which will earn you good returns.
Every house in America has different kinds of knives and scissors. One may require to sharpen their knives and scissors at least every three months. This is where this business idea comes into play. This dying art can be converted into a lucrative, low investment idea.
The first thing you must know before starting a knife and scissor sharpening business is how to sharpen knives and scissors. You must have proper knowledge, as you can damage the tools by over sharpening or wrong methods. It may also cause grievous injuries to you.

Methods for Sharpening Knives

Using Sharpening Steel

You need to hold the steel in your left hand, and the knife in your right hand at an angle of 10 to 25 degrees. Draw the knife on the steel rod several times. Repeat this step until the steel has been drawn across both sides of the blades.

Using Whetstone

Whetstone is made of carborundum and is available in three densities; coarse, medium, and fine. Coarse is used for Chef's knives, medium, for all-purpose sharpening, and fine, for slicing or boning knives.
There are two types of whetstones available; oil and water-based. Oil whetstone needs a few drops of oil to form a light film across the stone, and water stone needs to be immersed in water for 15 minutes, before starting off with the sharpening process.
The knife blade is placed at an angle of 20 degree to the heel of the stone. Draw the blade towards you steadily, sweeping in an arc. Draw the blade in one direction. Never draw the knife back and forth. Repeat the step on both sides, at least 10 to 20 times.

Commercial Machines

There are many commercial machines available in the market that you can use. You have to draw the blade through the mechanism towards you till the knife is sharpened.
You should read the instruction manual or booklet before operating the machine. It is better to have a live demo from the dealer before purchasing an electronic machine.

Methods for Scissors

Scissor Sharpening Stones (Oil Stones or Water Stones)

They have different grades of grit; rough grade is used to smooth irregularities and fine grade to sharpen dull blades without irregularities.
Rub the stones from the screw end of the beveled side of the blade to the end. Repeat the same process on the other blade too. Wipe the blade clean and test on paper or fabric to check sharpness.


Just like how machines are available for knives, they are available for scissors as well. A round sharpening stone that can be housed in the spinning machine made especially for scissors, is used in these equipment. To sharpen the blades, they are held against this sharpening stone.
After practicing these skills, you can move on to start your venture. Do some research on the various other similar ventures near you. Get adequate knowledge of their market position, and design your business accordingly.
It's important to build a customer base. Visit the local butchers, restaurants, chef's, tailors, salons, gardeners, even homes and offer a free trial. Give each and every customer you're visiting card mentioning your name, address, and the services offered.
Keep visiting your regular clients at regular intervals. Offer clients with discounts on every 10th knife that you sharpen. Come up with unique marketing strategies to build a larger customer base. If you have a mobile business, then put large banners on trucks for advertising.
Set your prices at an affordable range. You can earn anywhere between $10 and $50 an hour working alone. It is a great business to sharpen knives, scissors, home and garden tools.
You can sell new and vintage knives, and even second-hand good quality knives that will add up to your profits. You can demonstrate your skills in sharpening creatively, that will help build a crowd around you and bring you more business.
The key to a successful business is proper growth strategy and marketing. Follow good etiquette for building a good market image. Build a successful business working on a sharp edge!