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Integrated Production Management System Across the Reservoir Lifecycle

Anna Scott
Field production system as well as accessing the whole behavior of the reservoir life cycle in the system is directly related to today’s well-operated reservoir management.
Different challenges come under this way that can easily be overcome by different ways that are given ahead...
  • Efficiently design and safely operate production systems for optimum oil and gas delivery under any conditions.
  • The ability to assess a wide variety of scenarios to understand the limits of the production system while still optimizing recovery. 
  •  Minimizing downtime by effectively responding to events that impact flow.
We will discuss how an integrated production management workflow plays a vital role in the whole reservoir life cycle.
Due to advancement in technology now the experts in this field can easily predict reservoir volumes and put in place effective simulations of the reservoir.
All these systems help in an integrated production management and reservoir monitoring environment.
Yet, for all these new developments, challenges still remain, particularly owing to the lack of integration between reservoir simulation and production management software.
Integrated production management system across the reservoir life cycle.
All the management system in reservoir life-cycle helps to:

- Provides operators with flow performance calculations for wells and flow lines.
  • Integrated field modelling with network simulation and optimization throughout the life of a field.
  • Transient flow for the dynamic analysis of wells and flow lines.

In short, we can say that Reservoir Management is a way to manage all aspects of small to large reservoirs.
They require wealth of technical, environmental and legal knowledge alongside a background to key aspects of design, as well as safety know-how, in order to successfully manage their facilities and opportunities.
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