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How to Write a Business Report

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Business report writing is used by professionals to write business research, forecasting and business related issues. This article will help you understand how to write a business report.
Business information report helps make the reader understand the business plan, business growth strategies and the goal of business. Business report writing for an audience can be internal, that is within the organization as well as external, that is, clients or banks.
These audiences are either from technical background or non-technical background. It can be a tedious task for those who find it extremely difficult to organize and write a detailed report.
It is very important to follow a proper format when writing business reports. There are standard business report writing formats that can be easily understood by anyone reading it.
These sample business report formats also help reduce your time of preparing one as it helps you become more organized. These sample business report formats are developed by professionals over the years.
These well-written business writings also do not waste the time of the reader and do not allow them to skip the information that they should be reading.

Preparing Business Reports

It involves use of logical steps that explains the information and data regarding the business related issues.

Title Page

The title page includes the name of report, the author's name and date. You can also write the reason of report on the title page to inform the reader about the problems or solutions offered.

Letter of Transmittal

This is used to announce the release of the business report and give the reader its necessary background.

Content Page

This page includes the table of contents of the major titles or heading mentioned in the report. You should include the letter or memo of transmittal in the table of contents. If there are sub headings in the report, try to include them too. You should mention the page number on which the main heading and sub heading lies. The page numbers should be written an inch from the bottom of the page.

List of Illustrations

This page is used to mention the illustrations included in your business report. When it includes only figures, title the page "List of Figures" or if it includes only tables then mention, "List of Tables".

Executive Summary

The executive summary is used to summarize the background of the report in one page for managers who do not have time to read your business report. The executive summary should include purpose and scope of the report and the major conclusions and recommendations suggested. Mention only the information that is worth writing in the executive summary.


Explain the methods followed in your research to come to a valid conclusion. You need to mention if you did a group survey or searched for information through the internet or library or involved an outside agency to carry out the research for you.

Report Body

This is the major chuck of business information report when writing business information. The headings and page numbers should match according to the table of contents. The report body should contain:
  • Introduction: The introduction will explain your audience why they are given this report to read and what is covered in the main body.
  • Main Body: The heart of your report lies within the main body. All your important data and information that needs to be mentioned while writing a report need to be covered in the main body. You need to put forth your best writing skills when writing a report.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion will analyze your result and bring your business report together. Keep the conclusion short and to the point.


This will provide your reader the possible suggestions that will help address the issues mentioned in the business report. You should mention the recommendations using bullets and numbered points. You should be thoroughly sure about the recommendations made as they may be followed by the reader.


You need to mention all the sources of research in detail. These details will prove helpful in supporting your recommendations.
This guideline will help in writing report that is concise and easy to digest. You should include all the relevant and important data in the start of the paragraph as people don't have time to read the entire page and hunt for information. Always keep a back-up of the data and research material as you may need it support your findings.
You should make two copies of your report. Proofread the first copy and make appropriate changes and submit the second corrected copy of your report. It can help make an impression on your audiences, thus, be professional and precise when writing one.