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How to Write a Business Introduction Letter

Omkar Phatak
Writing a business introduction letter is an essential skill, that must be mastered by marketing managers, who need to spread the word regarding their business products and services. Here are some tips on how to write a business introduction letter.
Marketing is the most essential aspect of running any business. You may be offering the best products or services in a particular sector, but it's all useless if your potential customers and investors don't know about it. Advertising and personally introducing your products to customers, through customized business letters of introduction is necessary.

About Business Introduction Letters

Even in the era of electronic mail, an actual hard copy letter still carries a lot more weight, as it has a more personalized touch. A business introduction letter is a form of direct written communication to investors, customers and potential business partners, describing the products and services offered by any business entity.
Along with the standard business letter, also known as the cover letter, most businesses enclose detailed pamphlets and brochures, advertising their service. These letters have to be formal, yet enticing enough, to catch the interest of the reader. Keep reading ahead to know how a proper business letter is written.

How to Write a Business Letter of Introduction?

Before you begin writing a business letter, identify the target customers, whom you plan to woo through the letter. Jot down points regarding how your business can help meet their professional and personal objectives.
This will help you decide which are the 'USPs (Unique Selling Points)', about your products and services, that you should emphasize through the letter. Here are some of the most important points to remember, while creating the content for the business introduction letter.

Let it be Addressed Personally

It is advisable that you address the letter personally and customize the content accordingly. Mass mailing similar content, without personally addressing the manager, makes the letter sound impersonal.
Take time to find out the name of the manager of a business or customer, whom you are sending the letter. Start the letter by directly addressing the manager or customer by name.

Formal Salutations & Closing

The tone of the letter has to be formal and sophisticated, yet reaching out on a personal level. Formal salutation and closings should be used, while keeping the content as brief and to the point as possible.
Getting the letter printed with your own letter head on top, that has your business contact number and address provides a professional look. Use high quality paper and print your business brand icon on the top, if you have one. Stylize the letter well with a formal looking font and adequate spacing between lines.

Precise, Direct, Informative Letter Body

Right at the outset, state the purpose of the letter and identify your business. Talk about who you are and provide a brief profile of your business. Then identify the ways in which your business can be of service to the customer.
Provide information about the most attractive products and services offered by your business, at the same time avoiding information overload. Let the whole content be brief and to the point. End by stating what an honor it would be to serve their company. Sign off with appropriate closing statements and the signature of the business managing head.

State Enclosures If Any At the End

It is recommended that you provide a detailed, graphically illustrated brochure, profiling your company's services, products and attractive offers for customers, along with the letter. State the enclosures in the postscript line of the letter.
These brochures should be well designed to attract attention. If your cover letter is enticing enough, the reader is bound to read through the brochure for more details and file it for future reference. You may refer to templates, but focus on creating your original style.
To summarize all that we talked about, address the letter personally, be precise, describe your product and services in detail, underline what's in it for them and how your business can be helpful and include a detailed brochure with illustrated details.
A carefully designed business letter written in this fashion, will definitely invite inquiries from customers and potential investors. The strength and innovation in your business plan along with the quality of products and services will eventually bring you lasting profits in the long term.
Till people know about your product and you gain a foothold in the market, it's important that you focus intently on marketing strategies that can spread the word about your business, and a personalized introduction letter is one of the best ways of doing that.