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How to Wholesale Products at the Cheapest Price?

sam swift
KFBUY collects small orders through GROUP-BUYING and merges them together to place an order to the manufacturer. In this way, each buyer benefits by enjoying heavy price reductions as large procurements do but with smaller MOQ as low as 1 unit.

Reasons to Join Group-Buying Deals

  1. Rock-bottom price to earning more profit.
  2. Order quantity as small as 1 piece.
  3. Products from top brand manufacturers.
  4. Low procurement risk.

How to Join Group-Buying Deals

  1. Choose the group-buying deals you would want to join. Order the item and pay for it within the limit time.
  2. Before the deal ends, buyers will have to wait for the outcome of whether the deal is successful or not.

Successful or Failed

  • Deal is successful - Once the sales volume reaches the GROUPED line within the limited time, the deal is successful.
  • Seller ships package - Seller arranges for shipping of the package. For some buyers, if there’s a balance between amount paid and final purchase price, the balance amount is refunded once the deal ends.
  • Deal is failed - If sales volume does not reach the GROUPED line when the deal ends, the deal fails to activate.
  • Buyers get refund - Buyers get a refund when deal fails.


  • In a limited time, sale volumes beyond Grouped line means deal is successful.
  • Once the deal is successful, larger sales volumes mean lower price.
  • Buyers order as less quantity as 1 pc but enjoy a low wholesale price.
  • For some buyers, balance amount of payment and final price is refunded when deal ends.