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How to Start a Resume Writing Service

Khushnuma Irani
Resume writing services come as a big relief for people who need a professionally written resume, but struggle to create one themselves. If you have a flair for writing and would like to help people get jobs, this profession is for you. Read through this story to learn more on how to start your own service.
Most people create their resume based on templates available online or by copying other people's formats. However, this can often backfire, as it may not showcase an individual's accomplishments effectively. This is where a resume writing service comes into the picture.
People are hiring these professionals to make their lives easier. This industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and if you think you have to potential and skill to create a professional resume, then consider this.

Start Up Cost

You need not worry about high start up costs. In fact, this business requires the lowest capital investment. It could be as less as USD 500, which would be mainly needed for advertising and registering the business. This is because you can work from home, and do not need to lease any premises or buy any heavy goods.

Pricing Guidelines

You could charge anywhere between USD 50 - USD 300 per client; this would vary depending on the amount of work you put in and the type of resume required. If your client is an executive with good work experience and a high salary, then you could charge him more than you would a student looking for his first break.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is your biggest tool to get the business up and running. Place an ad in the classified section of local newspapers. Also, put up flyers at public places such as coffee shops, Internet kiosks, stores, schools, and colleges. It is important to have a website that could promote your work, and where people can inquire.
You can put up examples of your work on the site for people to view. Nowadays, professionals are using the social media to market their business. Identify related sites where you can place an ad, or a blog where you can talk about your work.


It requires the most basic equipment such as a computer with word processing software. Other than that you need an Internet connection, printer, fax, and a phone line. Though, most resumes these days are in a digital format, it is best to have a printer, if the need arises.

Target Segment

Your target market is going to be freshmen, people who are re-entering the corporate world after a break, and professionals looking to move up the corporate ladder.

Trainings, Skills, and Experience

To be a success in this industry, you need not have an impressive college degree. What matters is your skill at writing and summarizing information, and your marketing skills. You need to be able to really understand the pulse of the market.
A certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers or National Resume Writers Association holds a lot of weight. Lastly, you should be updated with the latest trends as far as resume styles and formats are concerned.