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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

Aparna Iyer
Starting a lawn care business can be a lucrative proposition for people who enjoy the outdoors and have the stamina required for arduous physical work.
Starting any business requires meticulous planning. One needs to have a sound business plan, and an understanding of the market for the products or services that the business aims to provide. Assessing the industry trends, finding capable people to help manage the business, keeping track of finances, and planning an advertisement campaign to promote the business are integral in ensuring the success of the business undertaking. An entrepreneur needs to factor in a number of details before deciding to invest in a lawn care business.

Is it Recession Proof?

Lawn care services are required by people who are unwilling or unable to maintain their yard. Since people do not indulge in wasteful expenditure during recession, the likely clients are people who are unable to maintain their yards or people who are wealthy enough to spend money on lawn maintenance during hard times.

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The best way to woo the latter is to avail franchise opportunities in lawn care business. Recession has ensured that foreclosed homes are plentifully available. In this case, banks are the likely clients. Lawn maintenance is also a must in case of golf courses. So one can assume that this business is fairly recession proof.


Starting a lawn care business requires about USD 10,000 in order to buy vehicles, equipment, and other fixtures. Of course, the amount of money required would depend on the kind of equipment purchased. In case one decides to hire workers, one would require additional funds. Moreover, a person should have adequate money for six months in order to cover any operating losses. If one decides to buy a franchise, the initial investment could be as much as USD 85,000. This amount includes the franchise fee, marketing fee, training expenses, cost of equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Buying Equipment

After arranging the necessary finances, this is perhaps the most important segment of the plan. The equipment that is purchased should be sturdy and long-lasting. Lawn mowers, blowers that are a substitute for rakes, and chain saws that can be used to cut down trees, are necessary tools.

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Chippers and shredders, cordless string trimmers, hedge trimmers, utility vehicles, compact tractors, and lawn tractors are other necessary equipment. Again, there are various types of lawn mowers available in the market.
Push mowers, riding mowers and zero turn mowers are some of the popular types to choose from. The decision on the kind of equipment that has to be purchased, would depend on the range of services that are to be provided to the customers. The best way to find out what to buy is to consult guides, or others in the business.

No Financing Option

Sometimes, after starting the business, people may realize that they do not have a flair for it. At that stage, selling off the business may not be easy. Hence, people who lack experience in this area can use the homeowners equipment and start providing basic lawn maintenance services.
Once they realize that they have the potential to provide a wide range of services, they can invest in the necessary equipment. People who have no experience in this line of work are the ones who are more likely to stumble upon this problem.
In addition to the above mentioned factors, one would have to obtain a license according to state requirements, make arrangements for necessary advertising and promotion, and network with friends and family to ensure that people are aware of the services provided by one's newly established business. The decision on how to market the business ultimately depends on the availability of resources.