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How to Start a Laser Engraving Business

Stephen Rampur
Laser engraving is an interesting business that has good potential of making loads of income. Read on to know how to start this business.
Starting and running your own business has its share of advantages, out of which the freedom to work as per convenience and decent income generation are a few. Some people start tattoo studios, massage centers, catering services, and many other businesses. One of the businesses not commonly found is a laser engraving service.

Starting a Laser Engraving Business

Today, laser engraving service is considered to be the hottest small-scale business. This business is associated with creating designs on a variety of products by laser engraving. The material that you would need to work on are glass, steel, metal, leather, wood, stone, plastic, and so on.
The best thing about getting into a laser engraving business is that there is a huge scope for success. As of now, laser engraving systems and services are very few in the market, so you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Even though operating a laser engraving machine is considered pretty easy, you need to get acquainted with the fundamentals. You can learn the skill in many ways, such as attending training at local community or junior colleges or doing a part-time job at a relevant business.
The best way to get trained in this skill is to take coaching lessons from the manufacturers themselves. Some companies provide short on-site training sessions from a professional. Take online lessons and get familiar with what engraving is all about. You can even purchase instructional DVDs for knowing how the concept works.
Learn everything about how the laser engraving machine works, it is to be operated, and troubleshot. Since many creative software are required, you might also need to get trained on the same.

Business Planning

After you get an understanding about the actual work, prepare a business plan. You need to decide on a general idea regarding what services you would provide, cost of resources, price of the services, area of operation, and personnel required.
Considering how much you are ready to invest, decide on if the business would be on a small or a large scale. This helps you to set the business virtually, plan and prepare customer service policies.

Finances and Resources

Now comes the most important part which is arranging for finances and resources. There are usually three things that are required for this business; which are a laser engraving system, a powerful computer, and a set of necessary graphics software.
Take in mind that laser engraving machines do not come cheap. If you decide to buy a machine, you might need to spend around $200-$800 for simple setups and about $10,000 for high-end systems. However, an ideal option is to take the system on lease, at approximately $200 per month.
You might also need to invest in licensed versions of applications like CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Open a new business bank account for carrying out business transactions.

Paperwork and Registration

As it is a business, you need to complete the registration formalities set up by law. Decide if you want to register as a sole proprietor or a partnership firm.
The best idea is to consult with an attorney or tax advisor who specializes in registration of businesses. You might need to approach the Secretary of State and county authorities to complete the paperwork for registering your business.


The key to make your business successful is to advertise it the best way. There are many simple and cheap alternatives to be thought of here, such as, creating a website or giving an advert in the newspaper. Distribute leaflets in areas where you think you will get good business from, such as college campuses and shopping complexes.
Make sure you provide satisfactory services, which would result in customers publicizing your business. You can even display your previous projects on your website to attract potential customers. Take feedback from customers and ask for any references.
A majority of people like the idea of having something personalized engraved on their possessions, which can be a reason for an increased demand of your business. This is one of the best businesses that can be carried out on a part-time basis, with earning a respectable amount of income.