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How to Start a Home Daycare

Dhanya Joy
With increasing demand, starting a home daycare can be a rewarding career move, and is also a convenient option as you will be able to work from the comfort of your home. Here's how you can go about doing this.
Home daycare business is a fast emerging career option for many who would like to work from their homes, and also those who have a passion towards child care.
Since the number of working women who are mothers of babies, toddlers, and children of pre-school age is rapidly increasing, there is an increasing demand for home daycare. It is preferred by most mothers, since it provides a homely atmosphere for the kids, and they can rest assured of their safety.
You should be sure if you would be able to enjoy being around kids of all ages, all day. You would have to deal with several problems and demands, and should possess the energy, patience, and creativity required with children. You need to understand the fact that dealing with other children is quite different as compared to taking care of one's own children.
Another consideration would be related to the space. You need to make sure that all your family members are fine with the idea of sharing their personal space and your attention. Some changes and modifications in your home may also be required.


This is the most important part of starting a home daycare. Every state has different rules and regulations pertaining to the licensing procedures and prerequisites.
You will need to get in touch with the 'National Child Care Information Center' in your state. They will guide you in obtaining a license, and will also enlighten you regarding the guidelines to be followed. Getting licensed is advantageous for the marketing as well, as it ensures the parents that the daycare providers have a set of guidelines to follow.
The licensing procedure also involves training in child development, activities appropriate for the development of different age groups, nutrition, child health and safety, risk reduction, communication with parents, business management, discipline and guidance, etc.


Once the licensing part is taken care of, planning the setup is the next step. Planning is important for the systematic and smooth functioning of your daycare.
This would include defining the number of kids that you want to enroll, and their age groups, creating a business plan, registration and naming of the daycare, getting the daycare insured, preparing an organized strategy for all money related matters, etc.


You will need to stack some supplies that you will require.
  • Furniture - high chairs, baby cribs, beds, tables, play cushions, etc.
  • Baby diapers, baby products and potty training equipment.
  • Food and nutrition supplies
  • Play structures, toys and games.
  • Supplies for drawing and craft activities.
By following these steps, you will be able to successfully start and run your daycare. Most importantly, make your home daycare a learning environment for children, that is filled with fun, affection, and love.