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How to Start a Florist Shop

Rita Putatunda
Being in the florist business can be a fulfilling career if you know how to go about it. Here are a few tips on how you can start a florist shop.
Have you always loved flowers, especially making beautiful flower arrangements, and think that it sounds like great fun to turn this innate passion into a career?
Sure 'say it with' flowers has become a cliché, but there really are a few careers where you can use your creativity to bring brightness and cheer in people's lives, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Starting a florist shop will allow you to do just that.
As a flower shop owner, not only will the beauty of flowers surround you every day, but you will also have a career that is both interesting and fun. The job is hands-on, requiring you to create unique flower arrangements, which will give you a sense of satisfaction once you see the results of your handiwork. Plus, by starting your own business in floristry, you have the added benefits of being your own boss.
However, you need more than flower power in order to be successful in this highly competitive business. In fact, the floral retailing business is one of the toughest enterprises to be in. Since it is hard to control the wholesale costs, and due to the high perishability of the product, it is essential to have a rapid turnover of the stock, as well as keep a tight control over the shrinkage of the inventory, and of course the volume of sales is crucial.
Learning the Nitty-Gritty of the Florist Business: Before starting a florist shop, some of the first things you have to learn are the details of the business, such as―how to get a steady supply of flowers, accessories and plants, how to make professional looking flower arrangements, and of course, how to advertise and market your products. Check out various books or websites online for flower arrangement ideas, and use your own creativity to make unique arrangements and bouquets.
Get Technical Information About Flowers and Plants: You will need to be cognizant with all the technical information about the product you are dealing with. For example, you will have to learn about how to prolong the life of the flowers and plants, so that they maintain their freshness for a long time.
You can get this kind of information from other florists, or check the Internet. Of course, with practice, you will become proficient at it, but it is a good idea to start out with some foreknowledge.
Finding the Right Location for Your Florist Shop: This is another important factor to take into consideration. The location of your shop will be one the crucial factors for making a success of it.
Ideally, it should be located on a high street, so that you get a lot of passersby who will admire your bouquets and flower arrangements, which you need to keep on display, of course.
Also, when picking a shop, pay attention to whether you have enough space to keep your stock to make the bouquets and flower arrangements, and also to be able to exhibit them attractively.
Get the Proper Flower Arrangement Gear: You will have to equip yourself with all the gear you will need for your business. You will need working materials like trimmers or clippers, staplers, knives, and so on. Find out where you can buy them from and also pay attention to storing them properly in your shop.
Locating the Suppliers: You will have to find suppliers from whom you can get a regular supply of flowers, plants, and accessories. You will need to negotiate at what prices they will supply you with these things. Make sure that they not only supply fresh flowers, but that they also deliver them on time, so that you can keep your customers satisfied.
Be Prompt About Making Deliveries: Not only is this good for business, because a satisfied customer will always come back for more and will also spread the word around, but it will also mean less wastage, since flowers are perishable products. You can even offer a delivery service, which will require you to maintain a delivery van. Of course, using taxis for delivering the bouquets is also an option, which can be cheaper at least when starting out.
As a florist, you can take pride in the thought that you will be involved in some of the most important moments in the lives of people. From weddings, birthdays, parties, holidays, get-well-soon gifts, or just to express love―people do it with flowers all over the world.