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How to Start a Dump Truck Company

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
It's not difficult to get in dump truck business once an individual knows all the loopholes. Here's some information which will help people run a successful dump truck business.
Dump trucks are vehicles which are used to transport loose material like sand, gravel and stones for construction. Currently there's a huge demand for dump trucks because most US states are witnessing development on a huge scale.
Construction of buildings, malls, condos, bungalows, hotels and resorts are in full swing. Contractors heavily depend on dump trucks because they are the primary mode of transportation for construction materials.
Companies who supply these materials at construction sites generally don't have their own fleet of dump trucks, they hire these trucks usually from truck owners and pay them money for their vehicles.
Starting a dump truck business is a great idea, but it generally works for people who know about the business beforehand. Generally people who have been dump truck drivers for quite some time start the business of dump trucks. A high amount of investment is required in the start, but the returns are pretty good once the business is established.

How to Start a Dump Truck Business

In 99% of the cases, dump trucks are used to transport loose materials to construction sites. These trucks are equipped with a hydraulically operated open box fixed at the rear end which allows materials to be dumped out of the truck.
Taking this private entrepreneurial route means having some dump trucks at the owner's discretion, so that they can be sent to the required location.

Starting the Business

The first thing to do before entering this type of business is to register the business name at a proper state or government office, to get status of a legal company. By registering the business, clients will know that the is a genuine truck company. Having a copy of registration in the office will surely help to get more clients, especially the big guns.

Initial Investments

As mentioned before, lots of initial investment would be needed, but this would also depend on the size of the business the individual is looking at. If he/she plans to purchase more number of trucks in the beginning the cost is bound to rise. To save heavy expenditure, it is advised to start small and see how things work out.
People coming in this business should also understand that a lot of money will be spent in the registration and licenses of these commercial vehicles. Plus, employee salaries and the maintenance of these trucks shouldn't be ignored.
A good way to cut down on expenses is to opt for used trucks. However, there is a risk attached to this practice as there are high chances of getting faulty trucks in hand. To make sure this doesn't happen, it is advised to take a test drive of the used truck before purchasing, or the vehicle can also be checked at a garage just to be sure of its quality.

Business Bank Account

A Business Bank Account is probably the best way to stay connected with clients. Clients can directly transfer money through these accounts and this also proves that all the business happening between two parties is very legal and without any complications. Opening this bank account will also help the company get more business from various locations.


Advertising is probably the best way to reach to a mass audience. Business ads are a popular medium to gain future clients and also expand the scope of the business. Opening a website is also great way to reach a global audience. Print the company's ads in the newspapers and yellow pages.
Another important thing to remember is to always keep in touch with local truck drivers because they are the ones who have full knowledge about the various changes happening in the business. With a little research and some investment, a dump truck business could be very profitable in the long run, should you make it a success.