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How to Start a Jumping Castle Business During a Recession

A recession is a perfect time to start a jumping castle business. This is a proven fact based on the old adage – when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
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A tough economy requires a brave heart.

Cut back on the fat to streamline operating expenses.
Do NOT stop marketing campaigns. Many business owners who have gone that route during a recession have found themselves side-lined when the economy kicks back into gear.
Avoid the devastating possibility of becoming a sinking ship while your competitors, who have continued their marketing campaigns, re-emerge stronger than ever before once the recession ends.
You would be wise to remember that a sound marketing campaign eliminates the possibility of your business disappearing to the public eye, becoming an unknown quantity.
Ensure that apart from a jumping castle hire business, you also offer customers jumping castles for sale. Offering both options will help to cement your reputation as an all-round inflatables business.
A recession can spell quiet times for any business. Pro-active steps during a recession can sustain any business. If you are not getting the orders, create work. A good example can be taken from a company like Gladiator Inflatables. In the past, and now on an annual basis, they offer jumping castles for free to a charitable organisation.
Out-of-sight does not mean out-of-mind. Gladiator Inflatables create an income-stream by having their jumping castles in use and on display. Somewhere along the line, someone at that event will buy or hire an inflatable from Gladiator.
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