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How to Make your Office Move Stress Free

Watford Moving & Storage
Moving to a new office always seems to be a daunting task. When the business owners head down to a new block or across the town, they face huge tensions due to poorly managed office relocation.

Start the Planning

Before your office move, you have to start the planning process at least 2 to 3 months before  to create a clear plan. In these months, you can easily evaluate what needs to be moved and decide what you need to donate or eliminate securely.

Plan for Coverage

Generally for small scale business, shutting down the office move for an extended period of time is not possible. Due to these reasons, you have to close your doors for one day or a weekend. Businesses that are serving their clients remotely, need to inform their customers about the reason behind the delay in work.

Store Old Data

During the office move, for protecting your company's security and preventing harmful damages of the environment from e-waste, you have to move the old office phones and computers safely. Try to remove personal data from the devices by deleting old files. Go through online sites for getting an idea of erasing the personal data.

Reduce Square Footage

If your office moving space is very small, you have to think twice for taking the rarely used documents and files in storage. Leaving unused things in your office can minimize your new office footprint and cut down the overhead moving costs.

Move the Unnecessary Items First

During office move, you have to conduct a thorough analysis of your plans and divide all items as necessary and unnecessary. Through the process, you can reduce the downtime of your unnecessary moving items for your new office space.

Change the Digital Address

For updating the vendors and clients, you have to put the new address of your office on Google. In your Google, my business listing, update your new address information and fix your data with Google to supply the information directories.


When you have planned for an office move, make sure that you have planned all things related to your move 2 months before the plan. For making the move hassle-free you can also take the office move professionals who have good knowledge and experience for making your move as simple as possible.