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How to Improve Your Online Business Using Web Stories

Ishaan Govardhan
Simply keeping up with competitors isn't enough, you must get ahead of everyone else. And Web Stories are just the boost you need to get a head start.
Given the fact that about 52% of all netizens surf on their mobiles, the importance of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is hard to overstate. Introduced by Google in 2018, Web Stories were welcomed with open arms by news agencies like CNN, Wired, The Washington Post and others. News was boiled down to a snack-able format with mobile users in mind.
The popularity of news Stories in the AMP format has paved the way to other possible applications of Web Stories. They are being seen in a new light – not as just another trend, but as the future of content. And the future of content marketing as well. This is why every business needs a revised content marketing plan which banks on Web Stories.

Why Web Stories?

Greater Speed

Who likes waiting for pages to load? On phones, Web Stories load twice as quick as traditional web pages. Powered by a special bare-bones version of HTML, Web Stories load as fast as you can tap your mobile or tablet screen. This ensures that even your most impatient potential customers will stick around long enough to actually experience your content.
If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the probability of potential customers exiting it increases by around 32%. Whereas, Web Stories load with lightning speed, enabling customers to peruse your business’s promotional content with ease and without disruptions. This makes them more likely to trust your brand.

Higher SEO Rankings

The longer your readers stick around, the easier you’ll find it to sell your product or service. The benefits of fast-loading Web Stories are low bounce rates and high conversion rates. Which will naturally lead to higher rankings on Google’s search index.
Web Stories are designed to score well in all of Google’s ranking parameters. So they’re bound to rank higher, and reach more people. Your promotional content deserves this visibility boost. By appealing to mobile-users in a unique way, Web Stories stand a real chance of going viral. Your Story may even show up in Google Search's Web Story section!

Promotion Through Storytelling

About 92% of consumers polled by SEO-Journal say that they expect promotional content to be in the form of interesting stories, as opposed to just lists of facts. As per human nature, we find the story structure emotionally compelling and easier to believe. Web Stories can help you forge a personal bond with your customers to draw them in.

Modern User Experience

Infographics used to be the go-to format for promotional content marketing. Light on text, the infographics are easier to absorb. Web Stories follow the same principle, but go one step further by introducing an element of interaction (a smooth tap-through experience). Web Stories are designed to cater to the average reader’s shrinking attention span.

How To Ride the AMP Wave

The Marketing Tool of 2019

Content strategists are realizing that Web Stories are the next big thing. You can promote your business by pushing your product or service in the form of Web Story product reviews, tutorials, and much more. You can even include social media sharing buttons and links to your website in each Web Story.

Entice Customers: Latest Format

The better you promote it, the more your business will stand out. And nothing garners more attention than a new, game-changing format. Your promotional Web Stories should be chock-full of alluring animations and stunning visuals punctuated with concise text. You can even include videos and audio in your Story.

Tools of the Trade

Visual Stories has developed the one and only free Web Story Builder  a Story creation tool with various customization options. Weave your Story, with free access to a vast in-built images library and different categories to guest post on. Promote your services online with Stories that are almost as easy to create, as they are to read.
Need a visual blog? Or would you like to get Web Stories on your site? Visual Stories can set it all up for you.

Exercise every advantage you have over your competition. Convert your existing long-form promotional content into Web Stories and expand your brand outreach to include the mobile audience. Time to invigorate your content creation strategy!