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How to Design a Business Card

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A business card is your ultimate marketing tool. A well-designed and informative card can actually help you fetch business.
A business card is an effective way of communicating with your business associates or potential clients. It's a great way of expanding your network. It gives your potential customers an idea about who you are and what you do. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you put in a great deal of effort while designing it.

Design a Logo

A picture has an ability to speak volumes about your goods or services. Hence, design a logo that can symbolize your product. If you are good at 'Photoshop', you can make a logo yourself. Otherwise, you can always get it done from a professional. Remember, the logo should not be so large that it overshadows important information.

Develop a Catch line

If the name of your company suggests nothing about your product or service, develop a slogan or a catch line that can provide an idea about what you offer. It will also help people to remember you and your product. A great slogan can also make your card stand out from the rest.

Contact Information

This is the most important aspect of designing a business card. The whole idea behind it is to let your potential clients access you. So make sure you provide correct information with proper details and contact numbers. It is also a good idea to provide an email and the website address of your company.

Make Your Card Legible

Choose a big enough font size and make sure the text is readable. You are bound to lose business, if your potential clients have to struggle to read your card.

Be Unique

Business cards have become a common aid for networking. People often exchange them at social parties or other business events. As a result, they end up having a stack of cards. The point is, you need to take special efforts if you wish to make your card stand out.
Adopt a unique approach while designing so that your card is not 'just one of the cards' in the stack.


Do not compromise on the quality when it comes to designing. Spare your cost-cutting measures for some other marketing activities. A poor design on an inferior quality paper can often send wrong signals about the market position of your company. Hence, always invest in a good quality paper and ink.


Make sure your business card is visually appealing. Even though, the purpose of designing it is not to create a piece of art, it should be at least aesthetic and presentable. Hence, opt for a simple, yet visually appealing design.
Your business card reflects a great deal about your company. Impeccably designed business cards can actually promote your sales. Hence be creative in your approach while designing your card.