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How to Create a Productive Business

Learn how to create a productive business through these simple steps.
Carol Evenson
Avoiding waste is a common step for every entrepreneur. The basics of doing business are to ensure you attract profits and create a reliable brand. However, the business world isn’t that easy or straightforward. There are numerous obstacles along the way that will, at times, attract losses in your line of operations.
Although things might be looking tough on your side, that doesn’t indicate how businesses should run. There is more productive and efficient business everywhere from local stores to service providers. Therefore, you need to have new techniques each day that will help you and your business to be productive.

Identify Waste Sources

For your business to take on another dimension towards productivity, it's essential to identify and address any causes of waste or unproductivity. Concentrating on the daily operations of the business and focusing on building a better brand is good. However, it's essential to look back and see how your business is running from an outsider’s perspective.
At this juncture, if you are unable to spot points of weaknesses, you can always find the services of a specialist who can evaluate your business expectations. S/he will then ask on your production in business to see where the problems come in, then later discuss ways to improve efficiency by pointing key factors.
However, the specialist has to seat with the lead managers in the business to understand your business objectives, including strategies, context, and value proposition.


Being a jack of all trade is an old saying that has always seen entrepreneurs become successful in their businesses. However, times have changed, and it’s always good to have a helping hand. You cannot always do everything when you have employees or partners working with you. Although delegating often attracts risks, it helps productivity in the workplace.
Identify people who are good at something and give the responsibility of managing that department to them. In the process, you will eventually see employees managing and operating the entire business to meet your primary expectations. Additionally, delegating will also improve employees career hence attract more productiveness to keep your company higher.

Minimize Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and on anything. Therefore, it is your responsibility to identify and minimize distractions to improve office performance. One of the most common productivity killers is social media. Employees will always connect through their phones, hence get their eyes off the target.
Instead of implementing a no-phone policy in your workplace, encourage them to turn the phones off during office hours. However, create numerous breaks where employees have the freedom to check on their phones and catch up with the rest of the world.

Provide Recommended Tools

People will only get the job done when they have the right tools at hand. For instance, if you give your employees a hand saw, it will get the job done but with a lot of efforts, unlike when you provide a computerized power saw. Therefore, you should know your business, and its expectations then invest in the right tools for each department.
Also, ensure to include the use of IPS to help you identify and handle any unauthorized activities in your business.

Be a Team Player

Business productivity is a responsibility that has to start with you. As an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to lead the way and let others follow after you. Give your team a challenge to outperform you while getting projects done. However, ensure that you also create an environment where people can come to you and communicate effectively.
Additionally, ensure that you share vital information to everyone on board and ensure that everyone is working towards achieving a common goal.


Improving productivity in business is not an easy obligation. It’s a process that has to improve continuously before you attain a higher level. You should also be willing to receive corrections from others while getting the job done.