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How to Boost Your Travel Business Start-up in the Post COVID World

Shantanu Godase
Covid-19 has hit the entire world like rock bottom. Many sectors have already witnessed a sudden fall in their respective businesses. 
While many businesses are still trying to cope up with the astronomical losses, things are becoming worse for start-ups, especially in the sector of travel and hospitality. A multitude of start-ups has already been shut down and others are struggling to cover up the losses in one way or the other.
If your start-up, too, is sailing on the same boat, these important tips might save your newly introduced business from drowning once and for all.
Implement Lucrative Digital Marketing Strategies
With digitization getting a massive boost recently due to many people spending more time on the internet, having an online presence is of utmost necessity. Create an attractive website of your company and promote it using PPC Ads, SEO Social Media and Content Marketing.
Your website is your business card now. You need to make it and its content as visually appealing as you can. Use newer content formats like Web Stories for your website to attracting more and more traffic. Web Stories is Google's mobile-focused format that emphasizes more or visual content rather than textual content. Click below to know more.
Use Latest Content Format - Web Stories
'Visual Stories' is a Web Stories Creation tool that you can use to create awesome looking Stories that too without any coding skills.
Web Stories rank on Google Search in a separate carousel. Thus, providing you with a better SEO opportunity for your start-up's website.
Visual Stories' is a WYSIWYG editor, that makes web story creation very easy. A huge image library and audio library adds to the features of the story creation. The animations for different elements is like cherry on the cake.
Get Started
Check For the Bright Spots
If your start-up has a global reach, look for the bright spots that are in demand. Design your model in such a manner that you can switch to short-haul and expeditions to all the unaffected areas. Maximize your promotional strategies. Target travelers from the less-affected areas.
Re-Evaluate the Competitive Scenario
Recovery of all the sectors such as airlines, hotels, and travel agencies wouldn’t be homogenous. Re-evaluation of all the competitive landscapes affecting your start-up is a must. Consider the ones that are likely to witness a quick recovery.
Let Health and Wellness be the Forefront of Your Business
As travelers might expect higher provisions and standards of health and well-being, letting them at the forefront is a good idea. Increase the mobile-usage for bookings, payments, etc. Enable contact-less technologies for the operations of your business. Let there be a healthy physical distance.
Utilize Your USP
Let the unique selling proposition be a magic wand for your travel start-up. Empower your business strategies by glorifying the USP of your business and promote them among the audiences using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Team Up/Collaborate
It is the best time to get creative with the partnership. Now is the time to build relationships. Team up with your peers or contenders. Get in touch with your potential partners. Strategize together to gain a two-fold advantage for your respective businesses.
Cut Down on Extravaganza
Say no to unwanted promotional strategies. Allow your team to multitask. Try working on a minimum budget to gain optimum advantages. Reach out to humble mediums of business operations. In short, cut down on spending a fortune on your business operations.
Show Some Transparency
Transparency in these hard times is the key to a successful business. Engage in an open dialogue with your employees, clients, and investors. Be honest and upfront about the impact of COVID on your business. Let communication with your clients and customers be the priority.
Every cloud has a silver lining. The current Corona crisis is a good way to stress-test the pliability of your startup.
As the world is facing many major challenges, today is a good time to prepare all your contingency plans so that you are able to cope up and overcome the big and small challenges and prepare yourself for any future crisis.