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How Google's Web Stories Will Help Your Brand in the Covid Phase

Manali Oak
A smart way to boost your brand during and after the Covid phase: Web Stories (earlier known as AMP Stories)!
Build your brand and earn brand recognition using Web Stories, an amazing content format that combines the ux of social media stories with the reach of the web.
Web Stories are powered by Google's AMP technology and are set to rule the Internet.
Web Stories can form a part of your brand recognition strategy. Let people identify your brand as special because of the content format you use. Harness Web Stories and stand out from your competitors.
A brand image is formed by what consumers perceive about your product. Web Stories will help build your brand image in a good way.
If you adopt Web Stories on your website, consumers will associate your brand with this new content format and perceive you as an early adopter of innovation.
Yes, adopting Web Stories can definitely help users form a good impression about you as they are indeed an innovative content format brought about by Google.
They are fast-loading, mobile-focused and user-first. They feature in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page. They score high on search and user engagement metrics.
So, during this Covid phase or after it's over, when you will require new ways to build your brand or rebuild your lost business, Web Stories will come as a help.
Written in the Visual Web Stories format, your content will get more visibility and attract greater user attention.
How to get Web Stories? Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to start a Web Stories blog on your own website.
This blog will be a PWA (website as well as mobile app) with Web Stories as its content format. You won't have to worry about its setup, hosting and maintenance.
You will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG story creation tool and a free media library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories.
Create marketing content in the Visual Web Stories format and boost your brand.
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