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How Giti Tire Group Succeeded in Competitive Automotive Industry

Aigerim Berzinya
Automotive industry is very competitive. Giti Tire Group is one of examples on how to build your business properly and get succeed.
Giti Tire joined the Automotive Industry back in 1951, and they have slowly become one of the top sellers in the industry. They develop a range of tires for use of both the average consumer and heavy commercial use.
Giti Tire has designed tires that are made of the highest quality while also maintaining a reasonable price. They have built a reputation for being relying and safe.
They also produce tires for any offroading experience a consumer might have. It is no wonder they have moved up in the industry so much.

How They Become a Leader in the Industry

When asked how they became such a well-known name in the tire industry, all the company had to say was that they cared about their consumers. They listen to their needs and create products according. They realize that tires are not a one size fits all.
They noticed that commercial tires would take on a lot of wear and tear, so they designed products that would alert the company of any issues that might occur while driving.
There new TPMS system alerts the buyer when the tire pressure is low in their commercial vehicle. This ensures that no issues occur and the driver can quickly take care of the problem.
They also offer roadside assistance in case anything does happen. This makes sure the right people are taking care of their consumers in case of any tire failure. Giti cares about their consumers.
They also seek to create technology that will improve the performance of a vehicle, and not just tires that will get someone from point A to point B.

They have been showing off these smart devices at local events like the CV Show and The Tire Cologne. These events are been bring them more recognition as they demonstrate just what they are capable of.
These events allow Giti to connect with consumers, and show off their wide range of tires and other products. It is important to partake in these events to build a relationship with the people they are trying to sell to. Giti has received a lot of good feedback for their efforts as well.
Between the safety features, quality, and wide range, Giti is able to connect with consumers on all levels. They also compete in large races to get their name out there. When people can see how their technology and tires hold up to someone as difficult as a race, it builds trust.


Giti always puts the consumer first. Building this trust has allowed them to succeed in ways they never thought was possible. They partake in events all over the globe to connect with new consumers and listen to the tire needs of others.
Giti takes the feedback they receive, and improve their products so that they can continue to grow in the industry. Giti seeks to continue to improve themselves and become a trusted name among their consumers.