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How Do I Set Up A Business Listing In Citylocal 101?

Mike Jackson
A lot of small business owners in the USA do realize the importance of going online but fear the unexpected. Getting your business online is a demanding feat but it does not begin that way. Your first steps are going to be, inexpensive, and they generally take very little time.
Most of the marketing experts recommend adding your business to local listing sites as a first step. You can find dozens of free listing sites that work. You don’t need to have an official business website to add your business on local listing sites.
Citylocal 101 is a reliable local listing website where you can add your business for free.
Citylocal 101
Finding Citylocal 101 is the best way to begin your online journey. Search for "City local 101". It appears on top of result pages as it claims to be the US local listing directory with maximum exposure.
Step 1: Find Citylocal 101
When you click on the meta title, you will land on the Home page. The navigation menu on the page is easy to locate. There are different sections on the Home Page such as "About Us", "Add Business" etc.
Step 2: Create An Account
Take the first leap by clicking on the "Add Business" websites. It requires you to create an account on the website or "Sign Up" before you can move onto adding business details. Making the account is super easy. Add your name, email address, and create a password for the account.
Once your account is made, the websites prompt you to fill in the business details. Make sure you have got all the details accurate in your mind. It may seem like a no-brainer but spelling mistakes are very common. 
Step 3: Add Business Details
Here is a chunk of information for you, more than 72% of customers consider spelling and grammatical mistakes unappealing. They opt for some other businesses as they feel misled. Add the company name accurately. After you have added the name, put in the contact, and address details.
Add the ZIP code of your area to connect with the local customers. Check-in all the required boxes on the form before you click on the register button. Double-check all the spellings.
Now is the time to click on the register button. This is how you add a free business listing! The directory will verify the provided information before adding your business and connecting it with local customers. Best of luck for upcoming online ventures!
Step 4: Register Your Business