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Helpful Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Cyber Security

Paisley Hansen
Chances are you have heard about some of the biggest data breaches in recent years, like the one that affected Equifax; however, it’s not just big businesses that are affected by these breaches. In fact, small businesses are just as vulnerable – if not more vulnerable – to the possibility of a cyber-attack.

Regularly Change Your Passwords

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your security and have confidence in your data is safe is to change your passwords regularly. If you haven’t ever checked to see if you are the victim of a breach or hack, there are tools online to help with this.

Delete Accounts That Aren’t Being Used

An easy way that an attacker may gain access to your network is by using old credentials that have been forgotten. If you have had several employees or if you have moved to a new system, you may end up with several older accounts if you don’t have a smart off boarding plan in place.

Enable Use of Two-Factor Authentication

According to industry experts, such as Azure Security, it’s a good idea to think about implementing two-factor authentication. This is going to add another layer of security to your logins. Generally, this is as easy as installing an app or registering a phone number.

Make Sure Your Software is Up to Date

Updates for software tend to occur at the most inconvenient time, as a result, it may be easy for you to dismiss them and put it off for a later date. The thing is, the main reason you are being prompted to update your software is that it’s essentially bugged.