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Good Business to Start in a Bad Economy

Neha Joshi
A very commonly asked question is, what is a good business to start in a bad economy? You will find a few answers to this question here. From some home business ideas to some multilevel opportunities, you will find a truckload of suggestions in there. Check them out!
A bad economy is something we all dread, isn't it? A bad economy is just, bad! There are people left with no jobs, the profits take a back seat and the economy doesn't budge and grow. At such times, depression sets in and somehow most of us land up in a helpless state. There is just nothing you can do, or is there? There is!
There are businesses that fare well even when the economy is down and profits seem a rare thing. These businesses are from various sectors and can be started by almost anyone. Yes, every business would involve its risks but in a bad economy, having options is also an advantage.
The best advice would be to start these in a partnership so that minimum inputs would turn out to maximize profits. Starting a business in partnership would also mean employment of many people at once. So, let's proceed and check out some best business to start in recession or during a bad economy.

Options for Good Business to Start in a Bad Economy


One of the best businesses to start in a bad economy is that of a consultancy. You will need experience in the field you choose to consult, of course. A lot of people need guidance on how they can keep working even in a bad economy.
Consulting committees are specially hired to work for only crisis management. Some consultancies also work on individual levels and consult individuals on how to manage their finances in this slow economy phase.


A cafe is another option for good business to start in a bad economy. Food and catering or hospitality businesses work great in all types of economies.
However, with a lot of people without jobs and the usual profits, you might have to come up with some great discounts that offer people with large quantity of food in less money. Starting home deliveries will bring in more profits. You can also start a Wi-fi enabled zone so that people can come and spend some time there instead of just being at home.
People would anytime prefer spending some time out than just being at home all the time. Those who work from home, can come to the cafe as well for a change.

Job Portal

A bad economy means a lot of people without jobs and these people looking out for jobs desperately. Opening up a job portal as a businesses is a sure shot success at such times. You can open this in the form of a website where employers and employees can both get in touch. The employments don't die out in a bad economy, they just become scarce.
If you get hold of these scarce employments for people, they'll sign up for your service anytime. You can also open up a small office where people can come and register instead of doing the same on the website.

Something to Read

Another option would be to start a magazine. This surely is one of the good businesses to start in a bad economy because the start up capital is minimal and so is the risk involved.
We know that a lot of people are at home, without jobs in a bad economy and the sources of entertainment are really that diverse. Starting a magazine and selling it for peanuts can get you a lot of memberships, very soon. You can write anything from articles on how to deal with a bad economy to stories of recessions that have taken place before.
You can also ask people to contribute. If planned well, this is one option that can help you strike it rich. You can increase the membership fees as the economy improves.


Teaching is another great option in lucrative businesses to start in a bad economy. You can teach absolutely anything you are good at. From educational subjects to sports, you can earn from any sort of knowledge you are willing to impart.
Hobby classes are great options. Instead of just sitting at home, people would find learning something new a better option, isn't it? What's more, you can offer some great discounts such as one month membership free on registration. You can also be a private tutor. Even though the economy is bad, students won't stop attending school, would they?
Now that you know these options for business to start in a bad economy, you can equip yourself better in a not-so-good economy. Recessions won't give you time to think later, so it's always better to have a plan B just in case things don't work out the way you thought they would. Bad economies are just a phase so don't lose hope and just try your best.