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Gaining Success with Customer Relationship Management

Manali Oak
Customer relationship management is about knowing your customers, their requirements, and their problems, in order to work towards organizational success. Read on to know about gaining success with CRM.
Customer relationship management, abbreviated as CRM, is a set of processes that are implemented by a company to handle customer relations. It takes the advantage of information systems to collect, store, and process customer-related data which is useful in the management of customers. It involves strategies that deal with creating valuable experiences, products, and services for the customers. It brings together people, processes, and technology to enhance relationships with customers.
An organization may be carrying out a variety of operations. Customer-facing operations deal with the customer interface. They include face-to-face communication as well as interaction with customers, done over the electronic media. The collaborative operations involve human resources and technology, which support the customer-interfacing operations. An organization has a special team that handles operations related to customer relationship management. In case of dealing with customers, it is both the outcome of the interaction and the quality of communication that matter.


  • The fundamental purpose of CRM is to give the enterprise a complete view of its customer base enabling it to contact the customers and address their problems.
  • It is also about enabling the customers to have a consistent view of the enterprise.
  • It deals with enabling the customer-facing employees to effectively perform sales and marketing tasks. That includes customer service and support, two of the key processes of any business.

Ways to Succeed with CRM

  • An organization should understand that CRM is not a one-time expense. It is a set of strategies that deal with the maintenance of customer information and their demands in order to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • An enterprise must have department-wise strategies, which are aligned with its customer touch points. It should understand that strategy comes first. A strategy is of highest importance in planning for a business. Technology serves as the means to execute the strategies.
  • It is necessary for an organization to translate its customer information into profitability and interpret customer information rightly so as to devise strategies for increasing business. Models of the customer segments of a business help it in setting goals for earning profits. An organization should work towards building and refining processes that can enhance customer relations and lead the organization to success.
  • It is important for an enterprise to foresee the pitfalls in its path and gauge the chances of incurring financial losses. It is necessary to plan ahead of time while looking for the 'quick-wins'. An organization should consider its potential need to change.
  • It must give every business process its due importance and plan strategically towards an effectively managed customer relationship management system.


  • Customer relationship management benefits a business in many ways. Information about the customers and their needs, helps an organization with better sales and marketing information. Knowing the customer expectations helps the organization in meeting them.
Having the customer names, their background, and their contact details enables the organization in keeping itself well-informed about its customers. Information about the competitive positioning of customers helps a company in orienting its business towards satisfying customer needs.
  • Maintaining a CRM system allows the organization to improve its productivity. A well-maintained customer database helps the organization provide accurate quotations, look up the availability of inventory, and enter and dispatch orders rightly, thus serving the customers efficiently.
  • It helps the business in reaching out to its customers. It helps the organization to monitor customer services, maintain relations with them, deal with customer service problems, and cater to customer needs more effectively.
  • Having a technologically supported CRM system, the organization can speed up its business processes. On gaining access to a managed customer database, an organization can effectively manage its customers, retain the existing ones, and obtain new ones. Customer follow-up is sped up due to CRM strategies.
Customer relationship management thus leads to an improvement in the overall working of an organization. Understanding the customers, their requirements, their difficulties, and working towards building a cohesive relationship with them are key to the success of a business.