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Fun Ways to Raise Money

Medha Godbole
If you've been thinking that slogging it out the whole day is the only way to earn big bucks, you certainly have some self-explanation to do for yourself. There are some really cool ways to raise some extra bucks that will educate you as well as help you have fun.
If you are bored to death because of your monotonous job or you have plenty of free time and cannot think of anything worthwhile to do, here's an idea - how about researching on some fun ways to raise money and doing the same? Not only will you earn some bucks, but the entire experience will be enriching and motivating.
We are sure earning extra money is nothing ever unheard of or nothing out of the world. Many of you might have been broke at some point of their lives. If you are game, then these money-making ideas are for you!

Raising Money for Charity

Members Ahoy

Considering that you are raising money for charity through an organization, one among a few good money-making ideas would be to extend the membership and membership categories. You will get to meet and interact with many people, plus you would get some quick cash as well. Approach those people who can contribute well to the objectives of your organization or people in companies who are into goods and services, to the types of organizations comprising your primary membership.

Do the 'Do'

A fun way of raising money, especially for charity, is to organize events. Hold an annual or biannual event ― charity balls, dinners, concerts, and many more top-dollar social events that are just perfect for some organizations.
But the tricky part about this fundraising option is that the event should be such that it will interest and appeal to people. You can also arrange 'walkathons' or biking excursions.

Sell Well

This will be good fun. Just organize a sale. Get some useful stuff to put on sale and raise some good money. Again here, at least 60% - 70% of the things need to be really useful, the ones which people can think of buying.


Auction is a great option if there are a lot of things to be donated or given away. It will require a great deal of planning even before you think of a date. Knowing that the money would go for a good cause, some people are okay to overspending on few items.
Any of the smallest thing from jewelry to as big as an old car can be put up for auction. If you're lucky, you might even come across some businesses or people that are willing to donate few items that may prove beneficial for everyone.

Raising Money at School

Crafting the Arts

A kid's talent and exploits can be sensed when he/she is still in the cradle. Once the kid starts going to school, you can surely guess and know what the child is good at. If the child is good at drawing, painting, simple jewelry designs, arts, and the likes, he can surely earn a few well-deserved bucks.
It could be anything from handmade greeting cards to bead and stone jewelry or even scented candles. If marketed well with proper strategy, it can turn out to be a really profitable business.


Although it is very common, and cliched, it seriously works. Yes, we are referring to cooking and baking. Baking cakes, cookies, and other stuff can be fun and helps you raise money as well. Plus, there is no danger or risk involved to the kids' safety.

D for Diagrams

Some kids are great at drawing and science-related things. This may sound a little cheesy, but it is fair enough! Well, so the idea is that if your kid, for instance, is good at sketching and drawing, he can get money for drawing assignments for his classmates! He can even draw diagrams for the science journals of his classmates! Yes, it is definitely cheesy!

Raising Money at Work

Yard Sale

Ask your colleagues to contribute their stuff for a yard sale or garage sale that you want to put up. It will be an absolute fun to see what all you get to keep in your yard sale. The planning, organizing, and every other thing associated with a yard sale is really interesting. Give it a shot; it is a sure-fire hit.

Free Bird

If you are an avid writer and reader, you can earn quick and easy money by contributing to the innumerable magazines, blogs, e-magazines, and article directories on the Internet. You can give reviews or write articles on your area of expertise and do a host of things.
In addition to all these you can rent out your room if you have a spare room, offer your services to those in need, for instance the elderly, rent out a thing which you have (not commonly found with people), have bingo fundraiser, offer services for a car wash, and so on. The list is just endless! You just need to give it a bit of thought and you can end up earning a decent amount! All the best!