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Franchise Consulting

Stephen Rampur
If you want to open a store of a reputed brand, you will have to carry out franchising formalities, in which case the services of a franchising consultant are required. This story gives you an insight of what franchise consulting is all about...
In case you are planning to start your own business, you will have to make all arrangements for publicizing your business. If done so, the business may take some while to become stable and create a certain amount of customer base. A better alternative to starting your own separate business is to opt for a franchise.
In simple words, franchising is starting a branch or outlet of an already established business famous for its service. Here, since the business is already well-known for its offerings, you need not worry about advertising and marketing.

What is Franchise Consulting?

For obtaining a franchise of a reputed brand, you need to carry out a lot of formalities and business deals. If you are totally new to the franchising business, you will need professional help. This is when the services of a professional are useful, who is referred to as a franchise consultant.
Franchise consulting is termed as professional counseling given to business owners and potential dealerships. This professional franchising advice is given for a specific fee. Franchising consulting is a different concept than franchising brokerage. A broker is to be given commission for his services, and not fees. However, many of today's franchise brokers claim themselves to be consultants.

How does Franchise Consulting Work?

The franchise consultant serves as a liaison between two parties involved in the deal, namely the owner or franchiser (who allows an entity to use its brand name) and the prospective dealership or franchisee (who is allowed to use the franchiser brand name).
He may work for a business owner to find a suitable dealership, and for the franchisee to find a reputed franchiser. Most of the time, consultants counseling prospective franchisees work for free. The service charges are received from the business owners after the final deal is closed.
Franchise consultants first provide the parties with a questionnaire regarding the objective, sales targets, and preferences of the business to find a suitable match. After taking all details from franchisees and franchisers, the consultants sort out a list of potential entities to be considered for business.
To reach a good business deal, they have to work with other professionals such as business lawyers and accountants. These business experts do the job of guiding parties about the risks and possibilities of franchising. They help the franchisees to understand the terms and conditions in the franchise business plan.
They counsel franchisees regarding market demands and current success rates. The benefits of consulting services also extend significantly to the brand owners. A franchise consultant screens and sorts out most eligible investors and dealership entities.
In addition, he even renders marketing assistance for increasing business. Selecting the right consulting service is also important, which is explained in the following part of the article.

Choosing Franchise Consulting Services

To find a good franchise consultant, you should choose those who have had a notable record for finalizing profitable deals for both parties. If you go for one that has lesser number of franchisers as clients, prospective franchisees would have limited options to choose from.
Same would be the condition for franchisers if they choose one which does not have many franchisees as clients. Reputed firms generally have several years of experience in the dealings and also possess a thorough knowledge of the consumer market.
The services of franchise consulting firms play an integral role in building business relationships between brand owners and dealerships. It is useful for brand owners to expand their business, and also for dealership to get a good start to their profits and increase in sales.