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Flea Market Business Ideas

Neha Joshi
Here are some successful and unique flea market business ideas. Right from starting a flea market business, to deciding what to sell and what not to, you'll find all the necessary information here.
Starting a flea market business isn't difficult at all. Perhaps, it is one of the simplest businesses to start.
A flea market is a place where people set up a stall/tent to sell used, cheap items for sale. Sometimes, vendors also indulge in barter of certain goods.
Also called a swap meet, this is fast becoming a common start-up nowadays. There are certain rules and regulations pertaining to this business, along with several flea market business ideas. This business can also be started as a side business, only meant for the weekends.

Tips for Starting a Flea Market Business

Before you work with the following ideas, go and visit a few markets nearby. You will come across both, indoor (inside a hall) and outdoor (tents/fields) flea markets.
Check out what these flea markets sell, for how much, and also check the number of people attending each. Depending on this, decide where you want to start your flea market business.

Start from Home

One of the best ideas is to start from home. Look around your house for items that you don't need, but which still have some utility. These items can usually be sold for a good amount of money. People who have just rented new apartments, students and the like, will always try and buy as much as possible.
Also, make a list of all that can be sold generally. You can do this when you visit the flea markets in your area. Also make a list of things you wouldn't mind picking up at a flea market. You can barter for these later, when you are already in the business.

Favorite Selling Items

While you are at the flea markets checking out how it works, check out what's selling the most and include it, as a must, in your stall too. These items are a guaranteed bet.
Ask around in libraries if they want to give away old magazines and books, and take them too. Books are always in for a good sale.
Handmade jewelry or old junk jewelry is another great item for sale. Home decorative items and old clothing accessories are good items to sell as well. For a start, include whatever you find. Gradually, you'll understand what works.

Some More Income

While you are selling goods at your stall, you can also sell some services that might just add to your income. A lemonade stand is a great example. People will want refreshments and you can employ this to your benefit.
A small counter where people can get tattoos, other body art, nail art, etc., done is also a great idea.
You can also keep some goodies for kids as they get really bored on these trips. Instant photographs, balloons, candies, are just a few examples. You have to aim for maximum utilization of your space.


Marketing and advertising are important for all businesses. You have to advertise to let people know about your business. Try to find a product, item or service, that is unique for your business.
For example, let's consider that people find a particular type of shawl only at your stall. If it's winter, and you advertise this in the newspaper or on any of the social networking websites, you are creating awareness.
Also, let your friends and family know about the business. You can ask them for some items they don't need, and can add them to your stall.
These flea market business ideas will surely provide you with effective guidelines when you start your own business. Remember, do not indulge in copyright infringement as it is against the law, specially music and movie CDs.
Selling of counterfeit or imitation products is also a bad idea, as it puts a negative effect on your stall. Receipts of space rental and fuel expenses are tax deductible. So, collect and compile them. That's it, you are now ready to start your own business. Best of Luck!