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Executive Summary Outline

Kundan Pandey
If you have come up with a business idea for which you wish to raise funds from corporate clients, governmental organizations, and loan providing firms, or if you have to explain to your employees about your new business idea, you need to produce an executive summary.
Preparing an executive summary is an important task, as that presents your ideas onto paper, and plays a major role in impressing your prospective clients or agency promising to give you loans, or one who is ready to help you financially after studying your business plans.
In case you're writing some business report more than four pages, it's advisable to include a summary of nearly 1/10 of the original size. You can list important points in same order as in the original business report. Check for formatting, grammatical errors, and other mistakes. You must try to include the following pointers in the draft.

The Industry

Write about the industry you're going to target and various players in that industry, and how will you initially launch your business idea. You must mention in detail about your industry area.

Market Analysis

Give information as to how aware you are about your target market. Trends of market, geographic locations, demographics, and what you're doing to meet the needs of your market, are essential.

Competitive Analysis

Briefly mention about your competitors and how you're planning to eliminate any hindrances to your growth, and ways of how you're going to approach beating market competition.

Marketing Plan

Since marketing is an extremely essential part of every business idea, mention some ways and means of how you'll capture the market. Talk about some marketing tools and tips that you'll use.

Management Plan

You've got a wonderful idea, however, to execute it, your management team must ensure that all legal issues and technicalities regarding management of the business are met adequately. Give an intro of your management principles.

Operating Plan

You have to be ready with all type of resources and location regarding equipment. Mention about your human resource power, and your other assets and resources.

Financial Plan

For any business to sustain, sources of funds are very important. Talk about your financial statement, financial analysis, and other facets of finance.
Excellent executive summaries save precious time of professionals, as they present a crystal clear picture of your goals and objectives.