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Effective Communication Skills in Business

Rashida Khilawala
Effective communication skills in business may be a very big term. But honestly, they are not that hard to develop. Just a few easy tips to follow and you are set. Read the story to find some useful information regarding the same.
Business communication can be written and oral. But, as we have all learned in grade school, it has to be formal. However, grapevine is a very common style of alternate communication, as well. Here are a few tips that one can follow to maintain efficient communication skills in a corporate. While these tips may be commonly known, seldom do people follow them effectively.

Useful Tips


In any business, everything has to be legitimate; it's a fact. Hence, it is very important to maintain written proof of all communication and correspondence. For instance, in case you are planning on ordering a few sample pieces of a certain commodity, you need to make sure that you send in a written request for it.
Often, in the corporate world, simply oral requests work wonders; however, the written words act as an empirical proof. As such, even though the deal was cracked in person orally, it is essential that you send a formal written confirmation of it, as well.


Listening is very important in business. One needs to know the difference between hearing and listening. You need to listen, pay attention, and retain each word and expression that the opposite person may express. Do not be biased while listening; this gravely hinders the conversation. Be attentive and observant.
This can be advantageous when you need to remind a person of the interest he had shown earlier or something similar that may work for your benefit. Be a good listener. If you give attention to another's word, they will respect you for it, hold you in high esteem, and listen to what you have to say with a positive mind.


When you are trying to show a positive response, don't fret over being direct. It is better to let the person know that you agree before they think that you don't. However, don't react till you are completely sure of your answer. If you are undecided about agreeing to certain terms and conditions, then you can avoid giving a response until you are sure.
This will not only help you to make better and more informed decisions but also indirectly convey the other person that you cannot make impulsive decisions.
Vulnerability can be a major reason for downfall in today's turbulent times; however, others' awareness of this vulnerability is more threatening comparatively. So, make sure that you react when you are sure; do not let trivialities allow you to change your mind.


When engaging in written communication with a certain party, stick to unambiguous and definite language. Keep the same policy for conversations, too. Avoid using ambiguous terms, and make sure that you are definite in what you are saying. Also, make sure that you use easy language.
Business communication thrives on good interpersonal skills and not good vocabulary. Avoid the use of bombastic words, and stick to simple and everyday terms. This way you don't intimidate the recipient into having a negative feedback about you. In fact, you make him feel comfortable. This will make you more endearing to him.


Use the industry grapevine to your advantage; every industry has it. It is the source for confidential and timely information. You can plant a few of your own people in the grapevine. This can help you to stay updated with the latest news and whereabouts in the industry in general.
More so, you can keep an eye out for possible business, market conditions, and several other details that one cannot control otherwise. Another way to use it to your advantage is to spread the word that you wish to spread.
If you wish to let the market believe that you are going for a massive expansion, spread the word through it. It is indeed faster and much more profitable.
Another way of having a controlling hand on the grapevine is that in case someone is bothering to spread negative rumors about your business, you can know about it before it spreads too far and wide. You can take preventive and controlling measures in time this way.
Apart from the aforementioned points, there's a cheat code that can help you to be more perfect than others. All are aware regarding the standards such as Be formal, All telephone conversations should be confirmed via email, etc. These five simple-to-follow tips will help you to gain control over the effectiveness of your business communication.